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Fanime should have their arcade set to free play for 2018!

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With the 2018 theme confirmed to be "Gamers" I believe that this will be the perfect opportunity to convert their arcade a serious overall and set it to free play. While the current arcade setup is a fun diversion, if we're really going to go all out on this theme then some improvements to Fanime's arcade setup need to be made. It would not look very promising to say that Fanime is going to push the gamer theme front and center when its arcade (the benchmark for all things video game related) looks the way it is right now.

Now I understand that doing a free play setup is going to be costly and that at this moment not to many people buy badges because of the arcade but I do think that Fanime has much to gain in the areas of reputation and event flow that I feel would make the cost worth it.

1. A free arcade will allow Fanime to update its game selection - Aside from the Terminator shooter and Jubeat, Fanime has little to offer the modern arcade fan in addition it's current selection of Benami games are outdated and anemic. Japanese music games and anime cons go well together like cat ears and maid outfits as many fans of those games frequent anime cons. Free play will allow arcade provides to bring newer machines as they're no longer worried about turning profits given the cost of operation is paid upfront.

2. Free play will help Fanime catch up to other - From Momocon to MAGFest and Colossalcon, anime conventions around the US are switching to freeplay arcades. This trend has not happened in California with many of their anime cons forgoing arcades completely. To my knowledge only Fanime and Anime Expo have arcade machines and both are paid. By switching to free play, Fanime will be ushering California conventions to the mainstream and will be the first anime con in the entire state to do so!

3. The demand for arcade machines is building up - Round One's success in both San Jose and Concord is proof that people are willing to visit arcades. Meanwhile popular franchises such as DDR and Pump it UP have released new machines that are less than a year old. Arcade companies are making a comeback and people are coming back to arcades. A free play arcade is going to be well attended and well appreciated.

4. A free play arcade will naturally draw in more people than a paid arcade - Now this sounds like a no brainier. It is obvious that people are more likely to play a machine if they don't have to put money inside of it but let's look to why this benefits Fanime. It's a simple equation, the more people in the Fanime arcade means the less people walking the halls of Fanime. What this means is that during peak hours the amount of foot traffic around Fanime will be reduced making it much easier to traverse the convention hall.

5. Sales at late night refreshment stands with go up - When you got an arcade open 24 hours that more people will be attending at and staying then many of these players are going to need something to eat and drink. This goes double for anyone playing dance games as they'll be working up a sweat and burning calories like mad. Now I'm not saying that Fanime will make up the cost but just wanted to bring this point up as to show that there are some financial gains to be had.

6. With fanime's next theme set for "gaming" it would be an embarrassment to the convention's reputation if we pushed a gamer theme but present an old paid to play arcade - I talked about already but wanted to reiterate it here. Fanime's arcade selection and business practices are becoming a thing of the past. The gamer theme will put the arcade under stricter scrutiny for attendees and critics. Let push the arcade into the future and make it Fanime's gaming crown jewel as opposed to a faded side act.

7. The free to play arcade will give Fanime's night life the shot in the arm it needs - So I love late night Fanime however even I will admit that if the late night panels don't peak your interest and you're not into room parties then things look sparse. Well the arcade gives you one more thing to do and a lot more machines to play. Fanime has been criticized for its lack of late night activities and this would be a great step in the right direction that does not involve the consumption of alcohol.

8. There will be way last time post con calculating profits - I can only imagine how difficult it is for OCE to count up quarters, hall around loose bills and then for them and Fanime to fill out the appropriate paperwork in order to properly split the profits. Sure Fanime will be paying for these machines but its a one and done deal and all arcade staff has to worry about is simply maintain the machines as opposed to trying to turn a profit. It will be a more relaxing experience for all parties involved.

9. More opportunity for tournaments - Oh Fanime has the staple of smash tournaments and some dance games but how about tournaments using Point blank or Initial D. More machines means we can have more opportunities for events. Again, this will be a great time for us to really turn the theme of gamers from window dressing  to actually embodying the convention.

It's a lot to ask for Fanime in order to switch it's arcade over. I'm not asking this just so I can play a few machines without dropping quarters. I'm asking for this as I believe this will make for a better Fanime for everyone.

Hello, thank you for the feedback! While are in post 'Con mode, Games Management can review this and bring forward ideas to the appropriate internal parties.

I'll cover a few points that I can talk about:

- A water station around our dance game areas - that is something we can look into once we have a way to make sure risks to equipment is minimal.
- More nightlife options - Could you say we need more in general, or particular ones?
- Arcade tournaments - this is something on our wish list. Will depend on what we can do.

A row of candy cabs (probably Sega Blast City as they tend to be most common) running shooters, maybe a couple running classic games, etc. would be nice as well.  I didn't attend AOD this year but I heard they had a corner with candy cabs in it - really helps to create a Japanese game center aesthetic.


--- Quote from: Kaiyoko on June 09, 2017, 06:57:05 PM ---
- More nightlife options - Could you say we need more in general, or particular ones?

--- End quote ---

Well I do think we should have more things to do in the actual con center. Stage Zero and screenings are nice but there's something about playing games at a stupidly irresponsible hour that is pivotal to the nerd experience. The board games and video games already offered are great but the advantage the arcades have is that you can enjoy the machine solo and not need to worry about taking up an entire station for super long

Oh my I haven't thought of this before, this is an awesome idea! the gaming hall could use an update or two since it it does not really have that much options. And with the game theme for next year, free to play games and more game options would be an excellent edition.


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