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Food Trucks!

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Not sure if this has been brought up before, and thus answered before, but I've been going to a few other cons out of the area and have noticed a prevalence of food trucks available at conventions. I was wondering if this could be something that could be introduced to Fanime? I know there isn't very much space for them to park, but perhaps it could be arranged? I feel like it would offer a lot of options, especially more affordable options, to con goers for food and the food trucks themselves would make a decent profit supposedly. I also understand the issues with lines/dangers due to being in such a downtown area, but I feel like it is something that can be accomplished? I think it would be a good improvement for future years of fanime if possible. I'd love to hear other people's thoughts on this as well, either for or against it. Maybe now with Adobe partnering with Fanime, it could be done!

I'm surprised someone would say food trucks are cheaper than the local options....perhaps the problem is people aren't aware of what those are.

Well, I know there are some cheap options definitely, but there's also a lot of very expensive options downtown. Also the McDonald's is now gone, so one less cheap option unfortunately. And I do know some food trucks can be expensive, but I still think having them as an option might be a good idea! I know the cheap options aren't very far of a walk for most, but as a cosplayer, I would definitely love some more options very close to the convention center. I might just be a little lazy haha

I like Food Trucks but don't think that there's an urgent need for them at Fanime. The San Jose Convention Center is steps away from a ton of cheap, moderately divey, tasty mid-range options. This is different than, say, Anaheim, where everything close to their Convention Center is either fast food or stuffy hotel resto/steakhouse, with two exceptions (a Mexican and Persian restaurant) which aren't even that close. 

That said, this year Silicon Valley Comic Con held a festival in Cesar Chavez Park that was open to the public and had a great selection of Food Trucks. Maybe Fanime could see if it makes sense to do something similar.

Nina Star 9:
I have a vague recollection of this being brought up years ago, and the argument against it was basically that there was nowhere for them to park during the weekend.

I know that you can find the occasional food truck near the park during con weekend, but there's nothing really official or a place for them to congregate. I agree with the above posters that there's a ton of affordable and good options in the area, though, and it seems like food trucks haven't really become part of this con because of the lack of need as much as anything.

Certainly, if there's a place for them, it's an idea, and could probably benefit some congoers, especially if there were late-night options, but I'm not sure how this would work logistically.


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