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Started by Lady Komainu, September 19, 2017, 11:14:06 PM

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Lady Komainu

So I haven't been to fanime and I was hoping this year could be my first, but looking at hotels the prices hurt my bank account quite a lot. I know it is definitely worth it to stay close, what with cosplaying and all, but man they sold out fast! I guess it was bad for me to think 8 months out would be enough time to reserve a room haha.

Anyways, is there any forum or anything I can look to see if I can squeeze in with another groups room? Or perh?aps recruit some roommates on my own? Or is my best bet just to ask around?


Yes there is such a thread for hotel roommates. They'll be active once the hotels pricing for next year is up. Also, there is Facebook groups you could find. 

Here is last years hotel roommate thread.,19695.0.html

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Keep in mind that official con housing hasn't opened yet, so you still have a chance.

The con reserves large blocks of hotel rooms for attendees (and staff, and guests, etc., but those aren't open to the public obviously), and these open up later in the year for reservation, typically January-Februaryish. In the past few years, they've based priority on when you bought your pre-reg badge, so be sure to pre-reg as early as possible if you want a better shot at an earlier hotel room time.

So if you go to the hotel website and see that everything is booked up except for the most expensive rooms, it's because large numbers of rooms are tied up in the Fanime hotel block (which hasn't opened for reservation yet) and not because they're actually currently sold out.


Quote from: Lady Komainu on September 19, 2017, 11:14:06 PM
I guess it was bad for me to think 8 months out would be enough time to reserve a room haha.

If you haven't grabbed your Fanime tickets, get them now. The sooner you get your tickets, the higher in priority you are for getting those special Fanime reservations. Also, the rates are special for Fanime, much lower than the typical rates. If you're low in priority, you'll have to get rooms much further away than the higher priority (for example, I waited until December to get my tickets, then had to get a hotel room 3 miles away from the convention).