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Age Restricted Event Punishments (18+)

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TC X0 Lt 0X:
While I am of the opinion that it is completely asinine to be caring about people recording in the 18+ rooms, I can understand that there "can" be some possible legal ramifications otherwise.
Regardless, shutting down events over a few offenses from a few individuals is a terrible plan. With this kind of policy the events are guaranteed to be shut down quite often, and as noted it does punish the group for individual offenses. The simplest and least disruptive method would be to just pull the people aside and deal with them as appropriate.

what if the individual punishments were more severe? Like you get one warning then you get your badge revoked? I know it's harsh but i doubt people will risk their $60+ badges just for a troll. And it's not like they can say "oh but we didn't know" if you post signs everywhere, post the rule on the forums/website, and make an announcement about it every now and then?? Just a thought... nothing gets people to listen like having their money go to waste


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