Is Clockwork Alchemy still related in any way? Same Passes?

Started by gorillazGd, November 29, 2017, 10:32:17 AM

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Hi! Last time I attended fanime was 2014 and it was great! But haven't had the time to come back. This year I was hoping to attend but noticed that clockwork changed its location and days. It is a bit of a stupid question but I assume that there is no connection anymore? (as in the fanime registration working to enter clockwork)
I noticed there is still a link to the clockwork website on the top of the fanime site, so I was hoping to know if there is still any association. Thanks!


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Clockwork Alchemy is separate now, it was announced this last Fanime. They have their own dates, there's a link on the Fanime site to their site for more info.
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