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Started by PogiChoie, June 16, 2004, 06:28:37 PM

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Unfortunately, being the poor college student that I am, I cannot afford to go out and purchase new anime to view for myself.  Fortunately, that's what DSL is for...   :D

Ever since FMA got licensed, I've been surviving on a scant diet of Naruto, and I'm trying to see what else will catch my attention.  Currently, I've been watching Naruto, Initial D 4th Stage, Tenjou Tenge, and Gantz to name a few, but I need MORE.  *twitch*

Koi Kaze and Ragnarok doesn't really appeal to me.  Aishiteruze Baby is alright, but it's not too... "addicting", if you will.

Currently amused w/Yumeria.  I like Yumeria, but the intro is funny.  xD  Any more advice?


You need to start watching...
- The Prince of Tennis
- Slam Dunk
these will keep you addicted for while....  :twisted:
If you can afford a smart phone, then you can support the industries by "purchasing" the legit goods.


oh yeah, here are my choices of what you should watch:
This Ugly and Beautiful World
Kenrah Butoh Sai:The Mars Daybreak
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon(Live Action)
Bakuretsu Tenshi
Samurai 7
Initial D:4th Stage
Full Moon wo Sagashite
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I love downloading fansubs!
If you have a fast connection try here.

Azumanga Daioh
Gunslinger Girl
Tench Muyo (new OVA) Ryo Ohki
Wolf's Rain (made by the same people who did Cowboy Bebop)
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Aoi-Anime picked up FMA for subbing and just released FMA35 yesterday.
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Quote from: "drallcome"I love downloading fansubs!
Yet all but one of the series you listed are now licensed...
If people like fansubs, they shouldn't support subbers who do licensed anime.
Doing so pisses off the companies, which may cause all fansubbers to get shut down.

Tenjou Tenge is also now licensed by Geneon.


I would  suggest chrno crusade but it was License like 2 months ago. I guess you'll have to wait.
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I heard alot of fansub groups have been getting screwed over lately and some fansub sites have been shutting down. I wonder why.
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Yay, Haruko.


Quote from: "Zain"Aoi-Anime picked up FMA for subbing and just released FMA35 yesterday.
#Spoon over on Rizon has been continuing the series. They're actually a part of ANBU or something, though I have to say the FMA translations were better when it was Keep-ANBU. (I'm a translation checker, I notice these things.) But uh ya, if you want the FMA formattings (fonts, etc) to look the same, try getting Spoon's.
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Quote from: "Mastersomething"I heard alot of fansub groups have been getting screwed over lately and some fansub sites have been shutting down. I wonder why.
I know anime.mircx.com was shut down for carrying licensed anime, but I haven't heard of fansubbers being hit recently...  Do you know which ones?  A whole bunch of groups do licensed anime these days, so I wouldn't be at all surprised if they were told to stop as part of the anime.mircx.com crackdown.

Also, welcome to graduation!  A lot of fansubbers come and go all the time.  With graduation, a lot of fansubbers lose their bandwidth, lose their free time/money to pursue hobbies, and get jobs/partners/lives.  There's a seedy underside to fansubbing too.  Some groups break up because of personality conflicts and group politics.  In those cases, usually two more groups rise to take its place.  Or, the group coordinator would go missing and not renew the domain, which then gets stolen by name poachers.  Every once in a while (but not that often), I hear of fansubbers who give up in disgust because the political squabbles, competitive aspects, egotistic attitudes, and immorality of modern so-called "fansubbing" has taken all the fun out of it.  I vaguely wonder if AnimeJunkies had embarrassed some fansub groups to death with their attitude about Ninja Scroll TV.

In any case, I'm sure another batch of digisubbers will rise to take their place only for a bunch more to disperse again in another year or so.


im happy AJ broke up...they were embarassing for the FS community IMO. (not to mention their shady mis-translations)
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