Questions about Autographs

Started by Kireina, January 08, 2018, 01:22:53 AM

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1. How long does it normally take to get your item signed?
Like let's say that it starts at 1 how long does it take for someone maybe in the middle of the line to get in.

2. How much do autographs cost?
I wasn't sure if they charged or not, because I have only been to one con where they have free autographs and paid autographs.

3. Like estimating how many people would be in line for a popular guest and semi-popular guest


I am probably way too late with this response but I just noticed that the autograph policies changed this year:

The biggest difference now is that you can only line up 1 hour before it starts, and the line is first come, first served.

To answer your questions:

1. How long it takes depends on how fast the guest signs. Some guests are very fast and can sign in 20-30 seconds per person. Some guests like to chat and will take the time to personalize the signature for you (i.e. by writing "To so-and-so"). If you want the guest to personalize your item, my recommendation is that you ask the autograph staff while you are waiting in line before you get up to the front. Also, if you have anything you want to say to the guest, write it down so you don't forget or get nervous when you see them. Also keep it short so you don't take up too much time.

2. Fanime autographs are free. At least they have been since 2016 when I partook in my first autograph session. If there are paid autographs, I'm sure staff will announce it.

3. It's impossible to tell how many people will be in line. But guests will only sign a limited number of autographs, so my recommendation is to get there early. Since Fanime policy now says you can only line up 1 hour in advance, be there 1 hour in advance. I am almost 100 percent positive that, for popular guests, if you arrive at the exact time the autograph session starts (or later than that), you won't get in.