Bethesda 2018 Gathering

Started by dominique de leon, January 19, 2018, 07:27:01 PM

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dominique de leon

Hey everyone! I will be hosting a Bethesda Gathering, date and time TBD.

Anyone from any of the Fallouts, Elder Scrolls, Dishonored, Doom, Etc.

If you want to come, please let me know what character from what game.

Here is the list of people planning to attend so far:

Dominique de Leon, Doom Girl (DOOM 2016)
Zachary Fish, Doom Guy (DOOM 2016)
Tora, The Keeper (Evil Within)
Hino, Ruvik/Ruben Victoriano (Evil Within)
Jackie, Shade (Evil Within)
Coli Edwards, Miraak (Skyrim)


I'll be cosplaying as The Keeper from The Evil Within!!!
Cosplay list:
Friday - Fem. Shiro
Sat - A2 (Destroyer outfit)
Sun - Kenny the Crow
Mon - ???


I'll be cosplaying as Shade from Evil Within 😀


Yes I would be interested in attending. And will be going as ruvik/ruben victoriano from The Evil Within. And may I make a suggestion of Friday, Sunday, or Monday for the meetup, because I know it's going to be difficult to find a time on Saturday since most meet ups go straight for that day.

dominique de leon

At the moment I am hoping to host the meet up on Sunday. Time and place still TBD



Ill hopefully be there with my Doom(2016) Doom Marine, as long as I can find time


Hey I'll be going as Emily Kaldwin from Dishonored 2