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Started by KyraEnsui, January 21, 2018, 01:39:44 AM

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My plans have changed, and I won't be able to attend Fanime 2018 this year. That being said, I have a Non-Smoking King Bed at the Marriott available. It's from Thursday-Monday (May 24th - May 28th). There's a ton of people here wanting a room, but there's no way to figure out who I should give it to.

If you want the room, please let me know why I should give it to you. I have my personal information and all that jazz on my hotel confirmation so so please make sure not to expose that publicly. That's all I ask.

First come first serve so hopefully I can make your Fanime more enjoyable.

Email: [email protected] / Or message me here at the forum

The room has been taken! Thanks.


Need a room! 
My name is Greg, and I've been going to Fanime since 2004.  I'm looking for a room close to the convention.  I'll be arriving mid Friday and leaving Monday.  I don't drink or smoke, and I'm a pretty relaxed, chill (and slightly shy) guy.  Not looking for a party room, but am always opened for possibly making friends.  I will be cosplaying so I'll have some of those items with me.

My email is [email protected]

I'm on FB as Gregory Cox Jr.  Profile pics are the same.

Thanks, and have a great con!!


Roommate Wanted: Looking for One female roommate! (Floor space only!! )

+ Introduction:  My name is Michele, or Michi.  I'm 34 F and I've been coming to Fanime from Colorado for the past several years.

+ Hotel Information: I have a room at the Hyatt.  The room is a King Bed with a sofa bed.  Friday-Tuesday.
As stated above, this ad is for a floor space only.  There will be 5 people in the room ( 2 bed, 2 sofa bed, and 1 floor)  there's a chance we may be able to do 3 people on the bed.  However, please bring something like a sleeping bag or air mattress just in case

+ Costs: The room will be $127.  Payment is required at least 1 week prior to the con via paypal.

+ Requirements: As mentioned above, female only please (or DFAB).  18+ preferred.


Be polite and respectful to everyone in the room

Do not give your room key to anyone

If coming in late (after midnight) please be quiet

practice good hygiene.  (SHOWER)

No drugs or smoking of any kind.  Including vape pens.   If you're 21 or over drinking is fine.  However this is NOT a party room. Please do not get smashed.

Keep the room reasonably tidy.  It's a con with cosplays and such, but try to keep it to the level that no one will get killed tripping on something.

+ Contact: You can contact me here via PM.  Also through email at [email protected]

+ Miscellaneous:
I have a tradition of buying a cake from the Bijan Bakery for the room! So please let me know if you have any allergies!

Room is currently filled!  I will update if anything changes.  Thank you


I need room spot, I'm very open to the space, I'm clean, shower every day maybe even twice if needed. I don't smoke, and as for partying I won't really do it but don't mind if you do. I have a stable job and can pay. Ah I'm 35 years old, a gamer, long time attendee. You can reach me at [email protected]
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I'm looking for a room that is near the con if anyone doesn't need their room anymore. Anything close with 1 bed and non-smoking. I'm not really looking for rooming with anyone since I will be bringing a lot of stuff. So if you or anyone you know is trying to get rid of a room that accommodates for 1 person, please let me know.
You can contact me here or [email protected]


Room has been taken

Looking for someone to take my hotel registration

Some of my friends that were suppose to accompany me can no longer make it. I currently have a "Non-Smoking - 2 Queen Beds" at the Hilton. If anybody wants it, email me at: [email protected] . First come, first serve. Thanks.


May 4 update: All spots taken.  See you at Fanime!

Our group has room for 2 more roommates at the main Marriott hotel.

Simple common-sense rules:
- Be responsible and respect other people's things / costumes, and don't steal
- Be clean hygienic, shower, NO SMOKING in the room
- We don't mind if you stay up late, or drink lightly
- Don't bring a shiton of strangers back into the room for a room party (we're not sticklers if you bring a friend in to chill out)

--- Contact ---
If you're interested, feel free to email me at: [email protected]
give a brief info about yourself or Facebook link (I don't need an essay, lol)

Thanks. See you at Fanime :)


Hello my name is Elvin.

-Looking for roommates.

A. I have a hotel room at the Marriott (at con); King Bed with Rollaway Bed (Trying to upgrade to two Double Beds; I wont change your rate if it goes up.)
     1. Room is reserved from 24th to 28th (Thursday-Monday)
     2. $125 per person for the full stay
     3. Currently have 2 bed space and 1 floor. (I  don't mind sleeping on the floor/couch)
     4. I prefer if you stay at least 3 days. (negotiable)
     5. You can be Male or Female.
B. Payment
     (I have a private e-mail for Paypal. I prefer payment before the con starts. I can accept Cash on the day you arrive. No Pay No Room Card)
     1. Paypal
     2. Venmo
     3. Cash

C. Rules
     1. Practice good Hygiene.
     2. Must be 18+ years old.
     3. Alcohol is ok.
     4. No Smoking of any kind.
     5. Don't invite a ton of people over, ask me first.
     6. Respect others belongings.
     7. If you enter late at night, please be silent if someone is sleeping. (I usually stay up pretty late)

D. Me me me
     1. I'm male, 24 years old, have been to Fanime for many years. I love to have fun and hang out with people, will also try to cosplay this year. I'm a very organized, clean, and punctual person; not a clean freak tho lol. I don't mind people that smoke, I just don't want it in the room; I just drink booze. I go to Fanime to socialize, dance, and take pictures. I'm very independent, but I'm always down to hang out with anyone.

E. Contact
     1. E-mail me at [email protected]
     2. My instagram: elveerion
     3. Discord: elveerion #0551

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My name is Michael Bogart

I am 26 and this will be my 5th Fanime. i need a hotel to stay in for this upcoming fanime.
I can pay 100-125. i would like a room key please.
looking for chill rommates
I need fri-mon

you con contact me on facebook or phone number (please pm for number) .


Room taken.


Need a room:

Hello, my name is Pat and this will be my second year attending FanimeCon. I'm 20 years old, I don't smoke nor drink. Very respectful of other's personal belongings and quiet like a cat. Looking for a room at/in the con or near by the convention from Thursday - Monday. Willing to pay your required amount.  I don't mind sleeping on the floor, just as long as I have a spot to put my belongings and cosplay at. I also don't mind gender as well.

Please contact me at [email protected] or my facebook

Thank you! (:

Update 4/9/18: I found a room.


Hello all,

I have a room reservation up for grabs.
"Non-smoking 2 Queen Beds" at the Hilton. DM me on instagram @thecrazycyborggirl (most active here) or email me [email protected]

First come, first serve!

Room has been taken!
~ Fanime 2022 ~

Yuna Kurosaki

Need a spot for just Friday and Saturday  for Fanime 2018!

Since there´s no luck for the whole weekend, then I hope anyone out there can let me stay for the first two nights. I don´t mind taking the floor. Please message! Also.... if I don´t answer right away PLEASE don´t give away the spot!! I WILL RESPOND. I have a ton of things to do offline so PLEASE HANG ON!!

Got a room finally!!   


Hello all,

Does anyone have a room up for grabs? I'm looking to take someones reservation and I would prefer a room with a king bed. Email me at [email protected].


Need a room(well, a spot in one xD):
+ Introduction: My name is Idi, I'm a 29yo Male, don't smoke/vape. Do drink some. Also a computer geek to a fault. This'd be my 8th Fanime if I'm counting my badges hanging on my wall right. Actually found a room through this with some press members waaaaay back at my first Fanime, but had the fortune of living in Downtown until this year since then. Moved away after completing my Comptuer Engineering degree at SJSU xD...
So alas! Needing a place to sleep.
Slayers is my all time fav anime, n' I watch a pretty wide swath.
If you need someone easy to find holding onto a key late btw! I'm typically in the game room or video rooms well into the morning(2-4am). (Also previously was a keyholder back my first Fanime without issues.) Long as I can get in and sleep tho s'all good.

+ Hotel Information: Prefer Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, The Westin San Jose, Fairmont, would consider Ramada possibly.

+ Requirements:
Friday through Sunday nights. Looking about 100-160$, maybe a little more if I'm getting a bed spot.
No in-room smoking/vaping please.
Not picky over M/F/whichever roommates. We're all here to have fun! (I hope!)
Friendly folks, preferably. Heck, love to hang with some cosplayers and/or gamers.
Will need to actually sleep some, so no all-night party rooms, I'm a nightowl tho so like 2am+ is my concern really and I'm not a light sleeper so that helps. I typically don't crash till atleast 4am any night at Fanime :D (Blasted mahjong tables! And other latenight fun.) No problem being quiet in the room as appropriate.
Don't mind if it's drinking or no drinking, I won't be coming to the room smashed at worst a little buzzed after hanging with some friends. Might share a bottle of mead if it is drinking tho ;P
Would prefer a bed spot, but open to floor/couch/whatever. Just need somewhere to crash for a few hours y'know. Won't need a ton of room for stuff, as of currently not cosplaying, and if I am it'll be a simple cosplay not requiring a ton of stuff. Just somewhere to sleep, stash some spare clothes/toiletries, grab a shower, and maybe stash loot I don't want to carry all con.

+ Contact: PM me here on the Fanime forums or email me at [email protected] , I'll respond and we can get in touch.
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Hi! My name is Ari, and I need a room for Thursday night, since the waitlist didn't work out for me. I've been going to Fanime since 2007 and hope to keep going for many years. I'm 25 and female.

Preferably, I'd like a room walking distance from the con, since I might be doing swap meet with a friend, but I'm willing to take a room near the airport.

I don't have any requirements for the room, and I'm perfectly fine with a mixed gender room or sleeping on the floor.

You can contact me via PM here, at my tumblr at gladosknightandthepips, or by email at [email protected]

Found a room!


Hi! My name is Elaina (Socks) and I'm looking to get a room for Thursday through Monday morning. I'm 22, female, and relatively quiet.

I had an issue with my current roommate regarding the price of the room (She said 500 for 3 people, but didn't specify it was 500 per person as she booked outside of the con block.)

I'm okay with a room anywhere from a mile out from the convention, I do smoke medicinally for my auto immune disorder and pain from 3 prior hip surgeries, but I will not be bringing anything into the room (it will stay with a friend) and will go off the hotel property. I drink rather rarely and not enough to severely impair me.

I am okay with either a bed or floor spot and I'm willing to pay up to $200. Please contact me through email at [email protected]. I'll respond usually within the day.

Thank you!


Hi! I'm Ryan and we're looking for another person or two to join our room!

Reservation is for Friday-Monday, at the Springhill Suites San Jose Airport hotel.
King suite w/ a sofa bed. We're hoping to have 5 people total in the room so like possibly 1 person on the floor.
Cost would be 85-90 (cash at con, venmo, paypal etc all work)
Possibly mixed-gender room

We do drink plenty at this con in the past, but probably most of that will be happening around/near the con, the room is mostly for showering and sleeping, so not a party room. We may be coming back to the room late into the night (2-3am), but we're good at being quiet and just gettin to bed.

A few people in the room may be cosplaying.

We have two definite people in our room so far and I have a few maybes I'm trying to solidify. The definitely people are myself and my current roommate. We're both 23 y/o feminine folks. (The maybes are a friend who's a 28 y/o guy, he's super chill and another friend who is a 22 y/o girl and also p chill)

If you have any questions, want more details, or are interested in a spot hmu, either email ([email protected]) or instagram (@ryanisaurus).

Room is full, thanks for the interest! :]


Room full. Thank you.

Roommates wanted!

Name: Glitch
Two spots open One spot open
Hotel: Fairmont
Duration: Thursday to Monday
If you are staying Thursday to Monday: $150 per person
If you are staying Friday to Monday: $120 per person
If you are staying any others day, we can talk the price over.
Prices are negotiable.
Money must be paid when we first meet.

You can contact me at either my email [email protected] , or message me on my facebook:

No partying in the room. Don't make a big mess. Staying out late is ok(I stay out late too), just be quiet when coming back. Otherwise a chill and fun room. ^.^