Voltron Gathering 2018?

Started by tora-hentai, January 26, 2018, 12:31:04 PM

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I haven't seen anyone suggest a voltron gathering yet, so does anyone want to start one? I'll be cosplaying as Fem. Shiro in a voltron group with my friends and I'd be nice to attend another voltron gathering this year ^^ Also, I know the days will not be official until later this year, but I'd perfer it to be most likely on Friday and if not maybe Sunday??
Cosplay list:
Friday - Fem. Shiro
Sat - A2 (Destroyer outfit)
Sun - Kenny the Crow
Mon - ???


I would really be interested in a voltron meet up sunce last years was great.


I assume since someone was already hosting it previously they will probably want to host it again, but if not I wouldn't be against hosting a gathering? I've been hosting a different gathering for a couple years now but I do love Voltron and would love to see this happen!


Hey, guys, I hosted (well, co-hosted with an angel dressed as Lance, but officially hosted) the gathering last year – but I am in no way committed to doing it this year, so please feel free to go right ahead, whoever wants to!