2018 Land of the Lustrous (Houseki no Kuni) Gathering!!! (UPDATED 5/22)

Started by thecrazycyborggirl, February 24, 2018, 08:46:56 PM

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Alright sounds awesome, I have Phos and Antarcticite noted down! Looking forward to seeing you both there!
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Fanime is now officially less than one month away! Posting this update to bump this thread in case some people haven't seen it.
Please note the photography order so that we can all be prepared and make this gathering efficient!

I will be making small drawings of the gems for anyone who wants one! Please reply to this thread with the gem of your choice!

I am also still selling an Asian size M (small) Houseki gems' black jumpsuit for anyone who is interested or still needs a cosplay for this gathering! I ordered the wrong size, it was too small for me. Pick up at con is an option! Price is negotiable. Message me or DM me on instagram (@thecrazycyborggirl) if you're interested!
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Hey! Sorry for late reply but me and my sis confirmed we're going to the gathering. :.)
I'll be Cairngorm and she'll be post winter Phos.
Thank you both for hosting the gathering :.)


Definitely!! I've got you down for Cairngorm and Phos. Looking forward to seeing you two there!!
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Hello All !! Hope your Fanime has been going well so far! Just wanted to take this time to update everyone on the photo order. Please look over it and have a great Saturday !!

Group Shot of All Characters
Silly Faces Out!
All Gems w/ Sensei
All Lunarians
All Admirabilis
Battle Poses (Gems vs. Lunarians)
All Versions of Phosphophyllite
Iconic Duos
Seasonal Uniforms
Moon Group
Lost Gems
Last Group Shots for Late Folks
Any Other Requests (Could be shipping, fanart-inspired, scene re-enactments, whatever you mig ht have in mind, you name it!)

Here is a link to the Map of gathering locations. Reminder that we are meeting at G8 (Hilton Tree walkway).

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Hi All!! Thank you so much for attending the gathering on Sunday, it was such a blast!

Here is the Facebook Link to a Photo Album of pics from the gathering taken by our official photographer, Lewis:


Here is the link to the photos in the Fanime Gathering Album:


My friend Chris (@chrisphamtasy on instagram) and I took photos and videos during the gathering, but I don't know how to share them on the forum. I will make a slideshow of them for my vlog videos!
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