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Boku no Hero Q&A (16+ Panel) !ACCEPTED!

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Hello heros and villains alike, this year at Fanime I'm planning on having a character q&a involving Class 1-A and villains associated with the League of Villains. In this panel there will be fun improv games and bound to be interesting questions. This will be a 16+ panel so watch the swears (Im looking at you Katsuki). We are only going up to where season 2 ends so there will be little to no spoilers~
***The panel will be on Sunday from 11 to 12 in Panel Room 12***

Here is a list of Characters that are open and taken:
Izuku Midoriya: Taken~
Katsuki Bakugou: Taken~
Ochako Uraraka: Taken~
Tsuyu Asui: Taken~
Eijiro Kirishima: Taken~
Denki Kaminari:
Momo Youyoruzu:
Shouto Todoroki: Taken~
Fumikage Tokoyami:
Hanta Sero:
Koji Koda:
Kyoka Jiro:
Mashirao Ojiro:
Mezo Shoji:
Mina Ashido:
Minoru Mineta(oh god):
Rikido Sato:
Tenya Iida: Taken~
Toru Hagakure (Id be amazed):
Yuga Aoyama:
Tomura Shigaraki:
Dabi: Taken~
Himiko Toga: Taken~
All Might:
Aizawa/Eraser Head: Taken~
Present Mic:

*Class 1-A must be wearing EITHER school uniform or sports festival uniform
*No auditions required
*For any questions or concerns please contact me on either instagram (@kamui.zed) or on discord (kamuized#2298)

Hello!!! I would love to be your Ochako for this!! I already went ahead and added you on Discord to talk about it!

We are still open for both heros and villains!

I'm down for trying to do Himiko Toga if you guys still want/need her

If i wanted to do Toru Hagakure and just hid under the table and be a pair of gloves on top, could i?


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