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Homestuck/hiveswap meet up 2018?


Hi guys, just wondering if there will be a homestuck meet up this year, official or otherwise.  I've seen the meet ups for previous years and they seemed pretty cool so just wondering if thats still a thing.  It's already March and the forums kind of dead in this department so I'm not sure if I should be getting my hopes up or anything but thats the gist of it.  Thanks

I know my friends and I are interested in a meetup for homestuck/hiveswap! I know no one has started a chat for it or lead it so far?

Hey there! Every Fanime I've noticed there is kind of an unofficial Homestuck meeting on the Sunday of the con! :)

the meetup is verified, it's on saturday at 1pm in the park, as usual

Thank you, can’t wait!!


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