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Vintage Anime - Name That Year! - Returning for 2022

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Returning for 2022 to bring classic anime love back to FanimeCon -

Vintage Anime - Name That Year!
Do you know your anime? Three attendees compete to identify pre-2001 anime openings to their respective years! Each classic anime opening is followed by a brief selection of information, including current availability and related works. Compete to win old school anime prizes and be crowned Otaking!*

(three contestant slots accepted from panel attendees - first come, first served)

*Otaking is not gender-specific, it's a term from the 1991 OVA "Otaku no Video" but if you're interested in this panel then you probably knew that already.

View the greatest anime openings of all time, listen to iconic music, and expand your anime horizons!

This will be a two hour panel featuring TWO FULL games / sessions back to back - think of a game show shooting two episodes on the same day as an example.  That means there will be six total contestants, 3 for the first game and 3 for the second, with each game featuring completely different anime titles.  Also means there will be two different vintage anime prize packages in the theme of vintage anime fandom, special parting gifts for all six contestants, and a small special gift for EVERY attendee.

Saturday, May 28th at 10:00am - 12:00pm in Panels Room 3
The first six panel attendees who wish to compete will be assigned Session A (first three, first game) or Session B (second three, second game) and will sit at the front of the room across from the stage. They will each be given three cards, marked A, B, and C.

Ten rounds - Each round will have three years on screen, example: A.1982 B.1985 C.1989, and an anime opening / intro will play. At the conclusion of the anime opening, each contestant holds up the card that corresponds to the year they think the anime series premiered in. If their answer is correct, they are awarded a point.  After a round, the next presentation slide will give the correct answer for the competitors and audience, brief information about the series, its current availability, and so on - as is done in a traditional information panel.  After that the next round begins.

Whichever contestant has the most points at the end of the final round wins a vintage anime prize pack supplied by myself in the theme of vintage anime fandom. (the packages from previous years contained things like LaserDiscs, reference books, soundtrack CDs, video games, oddball bootleg DVDs and more - all vintage anime themed - like the stuff you'd find at anime cons in the 90's) In the case of a tie, there will be a tiebreak series opening, without multiple choice, where the contestants must write the year down. Closest to the actual year breaks the tie and wins.  In the event of a continuing tie, co-champions will be crowned and the prizes will be split!

A twist on the "vintage anime" type panel with more audio / video and the addition of a competition between three attendees.

All contestants will receive a special parting gift!
All panel attendees will receive a commemorative badge ribbon at the end of the panel! (limit 80 ribbons)
Join us and... NAME - THAT - YEAR!

With registration now open, I wanted to ping this thread as we plan on hosting this again for 2019!  Due to positive feedback we're considering expanding to a second session depending on policy once panel registration opens.

Thank you to all our attendees and contestants from FanimeCon 2018 for sharing a bit of your Saturday morning with us and expanding your vintage anime knowledge.

I guess I better brush on my old-school knowledge.


--- Quote from: Barnes on November 07, 2018, 11:59:09 PM ---I guess I better brush on my old-school knowledge.

--- End quote ---

Or just watch a lot of pre-2001 anime openings.  :D

Last year we had a three-way tie at Round 8 that progressed to a two-way tie after the Final Round, so it went to a tiebreaker.

Submission is in, here's hoping.


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