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Vintage Anime - Name That Year! - Returning for 2022

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We had a really good mix of attendees (and our three contestants) last year and I want to emphasize this panel can be enjoyed by anyone who likes anime, even if you only have a curiosity about titles from 2000 and earlier - not just the "hardened vintage retro otaku."  As three year choices are given for each opening / intro, you can think through it and formulate a good guess as to the correct response - although I do like to make them somewhat tricky (but not frustrating) in that regard.  That was actually really cool last year, watching the contestants work a bit of a process of elimination while the openings were playing.

Additionally I try to ensure the panel has a good mix of anime.  At least one title that's really well-known commonly, a few that are very popular but not universal, one truly vintage title, one where the art style betrays its production year, and a general mix otherwise.  I also attempt to utilize titles that have been recently licensed / relicensed or rescued, have a fansubbing project currently underway, have new productions based upon the property currently in work, are celebrating an anniversary, have a connection to a FanimeCon Guest of Honor, etc.  So they are absolutely not thrown together at random - I really think through what to include in the panel as per what is going on with vintage anime currently and then I research to make sure my information is as accurate as possible.

With the panel listing now made official, we're set for Saturday morning at 9am in Panels 4.  One Session.

If I'm able to get a two-hour Saturday morning slot, 2020 will feature two full games (two groups of three contestants), two awesome vintage prize packages, special parting gifts for all contestants, and a small special gift for EVERY attendee.

Alright, our submission is in for 2020, here's hoping!

Okay, it appears we have been accepted for 2020, Saturday morning, 9am - 11am in Panels Room 4.  This will be TWO FULL games / sessions back to back - think of a game show shooting two episodes on the same day for example.  That means there will be six total contestants, 3 for the first game and 3 for the second, with each game featuring completely different anime titles.  Also means there will be two different vintage anime prize packages in the theme of vintage anime fandom, special parting gifts for all six contestants, and a small special gift for EVERY attendee.

The thread will be updated in the next week with more information.  Thanks for your support, hope to see you at Fanime!


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