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Art Gallery???

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Okay i sent a note manmy weeks back but I am still wondering if any of the person in charge received them!?

I hope things are alright because i just remember something, are we supposed to bring our own hooks like the one before?

Since the Art Show has been absent for four years, it's difficult to guess if anything is in motion at this time. I doubt anything will happen in the most boring month of the year. Not sure how many inquiries have been sent to the new Art Show curators but we'll just have to wait for anything specific.

Well it's official. The Art Show or Gallery as it's being labeled as is not returning to the Fanime.
I got an answer back from my inquiry.

(Thank you for your email and interest in Art Gallery. Yes, Art Gallery is returning in celebration of Fanime's 25th anniversary! Rather than being a space for selling art, the Art Gallery will highlight the history of Fanime, by showing memorabilia and artworks related to themes throughout the years. Artists who contribute artwork for display can include business cards.)

Guess I'll go back to the NDK. At least they know how to run an Art Show.


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