Yuri on Ice Gathering 2018

Started by Tierfal, April 01, 2018, 04:28:45 PM

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This Gathering Includes:
All of the extended skatefam and their friends, frenemies, fans, etc.!

Day: Friday, May 25th (confirmed!)
Time: 3:00PM (confirmed!)
Location (L): G6, i.e. the stair area near the entrance, backing against the windows (confirmed!)

Drop me a line here or on Facebook (see below) if you're planning to attend!  I'll be keeping both this post and the FB event up-to-date as much as possible.  Last year's gathering (which I missed, but I saw the pics!) had an awesome turnout.

Photo Order:
Bring your ideas, and I'll bring a backup list!

Link to Facebook event:

Legal Statement:
Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

4/1/2018: It didn't look like anyone was planning to make this gathering happen, so HERE IT IS. :D I'm not possessive about this at all, so anyone who'd like to pitch in and help out is welcome and encouraged to!
4/28/2018: We're official, skatefam! I think I explained the location very poorly, but it's the big one that's impossible to miss as you're on your way into the convention center. :) Check out the map!  We're at G6: https://imgur.com/zxH60fR