Hyperdimension Neptunia Cosplayers?

Started by Abunny, April 15, 2018, 05:30:59 PM

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I'll be cosplaying Nepgear this year at Fanime and would love to meet other Hyperdimension cosplayers and make some friends! I know not many people are into that game but I hope I can meet at least one person to become friends with haha.


I just got into Neptunia and I've become a huge fan. I'm definitely considering cosplaying from the series at Fanime. I'd love to meet fellow fans of the series. It's not the most popular, but it's fantastic! I love it so much. My favorite characters so far are Nepgear and Vert. But I love a lot of other characters too.

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  There's a couple of people in one of my social circles that are really into the series.  If you stop by a few minutes before or just after the Touhou cosplay gathering, a Nepgear cosplay will nearly certainly get their attention.

  By all means, come by and say hi.