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B&W Ball Heel Caps


Hello! I don't believe the dress code mentions this so I wanted to ask. Lately I've seen some caps being made for small diameter heels to keep them from sinking into grass, effectively making them thicker in diameter. Would these be acceptable on shoes who's heels previously did not meet the diameter requirement? Just trying to think of options! (So many of my shoes do not apply to the rules for this reason lol)

Heel caps are allowed provided the shoes are compliant with the height requirement.  The heel rule is there so that people don't get slashed inadvertently on the dance floor or damage the dance floor.  I saw that there were heel caps were provided last year by staff to attendees, so without a specific embargo mentioned in the dress code, I'd imagine that they'd be allowed this year if you appeared with your shoes so treated :).

Totally understand the need for the rule! And great! Thank you for letting me know!


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