Cosplay Photography Lighting (any interest in unofficial workshop?)

Started by cidcrow, April 29, 2018, 03:36:55 PM

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This thread is to gauge the interest level in Cosplay Photography Lighting if it were held as an independent workshop (or even series of workshops).

You can control your photos to create amazing art right at the time of the photograph, and all you need to do to enhance your skills is learn a bit about lighting. Things like flash, natural light, reflectors, diffusors, etc. All with beginners, budget-conscious, and portability-minded photographers in mind.

I'd show why and when you'd use different lighting techniques, and what you can do on a budget.  Probably bring in a cosplayer model to practice techniques.

Why is this workshop being considered? Well, Fanime asked, "Are you interested in holding your own panel? Do you have a great idea for a particular workshop?" I said oh absolutely! Here's a Cosplay Photography Lighting panel submission! And got waitlisted...So why not make it into an unofficial workshop?  8)


Update: Feedback on Facebook has caused me to consider a series of two workshops. One night workshop and one daytime workshop, with each focusing on the type of lighting you would use in each setting.

How does this tentative lineup sound?
Night workshop: Friday night.
Day workshop: Saturday morning.