Early check in?

Started by wolfcharm, May 09, 2018, 11:44:02 PM

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Hi everyone!
Does anyone know if we can check into our hotel earlier than the time that they have? I have a room from Fri-Mon at the Marriott and I noticed their check-in is at 4pm. The thing is on day 1 I tend to be at the con around 12pm. So I was wondering if you can check in earlier than the time given or if I just have to park my car out somewhere near there and deal with checking in later. Thanks!

Weiss Schwarz

I've never had an issue checking in a couple of hours early, I've only used the Fairmont though. I doubt most hotels would have a problem with it as long as the previous guests (if any) have already checked out and the room has been cleaned/checked out by hotel staff before letting someone else in it.


Ah okay, thank you so much!!


It depends on the hotel and how their rooms are from the previous night. Like Weiss said, most often you can check in early. The hotels know about the rush of people they're going to get from FanimeCon, so they try to prepare ahead of time.

That being said, you can always call them and ask if you can check in early. If your room isn't available you can usually check your luggage with them until your room is ready.
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Oh that's great to know. I'll make sure to call them when it comes nearer to the date! Thanks a bunch.