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Fun with Game Show survey


Love Sign Master Spark:
I have this impression someone had fun coming up with the questions; I know I enjoyed responding to them.  Some highlights:

What would you hoard if you were a dragon?: Good one here.  If I were a dragon, I would have different priorities too.  One of my social circles suggested "fumos" which is certainly in the spirit of my train of thought; I went with something similarly silly.

Disney villain as a relative: First thought was Captain Hook due to appearing easy to manipulate.  I went with a different line of thinking for my actual response.  Now that I look back, being far, far, very far away would make another interesting primary criteria.

Anime to show someone who's never seen anime: Was really tempted to be a troll and pick something that the other person would likely go "wtf?"

unrelated note; I was indecisive about what name to include with my entry and left it blank.  Three planned cosplays this year is a factor in said indecision.


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