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Started by Kaiyoko, May 13, 2018, 10:29:20 PM

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Welcome to the *official 2018 Thread* for FanimeCon's Gaming!
Updated as of 5/13/2018

Latest Announcements

- This thread is a WIP at the moment.
- Our apologies for the late thread this year, but we are focusing most if not all of our announcements on our Gaming specific social media outlets for 2018.
- Game Saru is our free play arcade vendor and we will be having arcade tournaments, the first time in over a decade!
- Most department events/tournament announcements have been done through our "FanimeCon Gaming" social media accounts.
- We will be doing a limited amount of live streaming to - Please look forward to an upcoming announcement about this!

A special thanks to our equipment vendors and sponsors


Essential Links + Info

Website Info -
Facebook -
Twitter - and @FanimeConGaming #FanimeConGaming for eGaming brackets - TBA links - TBA

Contact email for inquiries
games at for Games Management and general inquiries about FanimeCon's Gaming.
arcade at for arcades inquires.
egaming at for Console/PC gaming inquiries and events/tournaments.
tabletop at for tabletop related games, +18 game room, and events/tournaments.

If you are a group or company that wants to work with us on an event or opportunity for 2019 or beyond, please contact us through the Games Management email-> games@fanime dot com. (We may forward the email to our Marketing/Promotions depending on the context)

About "request(s)" - We do try to accommodate requests as best as our resources allow.

Information about FanimeCon's Gaming

FanimeCon 2018 Gaming has MANY areas of gaming to offer for our attendees:

- The "24 hour Gaming Hall" at Hall 3 @ San Jose Convention Center - Contains 24-hours of non-stop FREE PLAY arcades cabinets, tabletop games, and video games from the console and PC side.

- Campaign style RPG rooms in the Doubletree - Please follow the Warhorn link for more information ->

- The "Tabletop Tournament & Events" room in the Hyatt Place is where we are hosting our card game tournaments this year (Friday/Saturday from 10 AM - 10 PM, and Sunday 10 AM - 6 PM)

- The Late Night Game Room (18+) is returning and operating in two locations and different days:

Day 1 / 2, May 25th/26th (Friday/Saturday) - Carmel + Monterey rooms @ Doubletree
Day 3 , May 27th (Sunday) - Grand Ballroom @ Hyatt Place

Operating times will be the same for both locations on occurring days: 6 PM - 12 AM.

- All three of our departments are operating awesome events & tournaments this year! Please check our "FanimeCon Gaming" Facebook outlet for the department tournament Event Pages (links TB-Added here).
Felicito, aka "Chito"
FanimeCon Games Director
games at fanime dot com
Twitter - @FanimeConGaming


Reserved post by Games Management (Doubt we need it, but who knows?)
Felicito, aka "Chito"
FanimeCon Games Director
games at fanime dot com
Twitter - @FanimeConGaming


On this web page:
It states that the Sign-Up Cap for the League of Legends tournament is 15 teams.

Why 15 and not 16?
16 entries = full tournament bracket
Who is team #15 supposed to battle in the first round if there is no 16th team?