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Started by pokefan995, May 17, 2018, 01:10:06 AM

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Looking to sell quite a few manga to some people I know would actually enjoy having them. XD so figured I would post this and see if anyone wants to buy any. Willing to ship, but would prefer to give at Fanime. :) also, pics available if needed.


Wild Ones Vol. 2
Vampire Knight Vol. 1&2
God Child Vol. 1&2
Itsuwaribito Vol. 2
S Vol. 1 (Yaoi Novel)
Fushigi Yugi Vol. 2 - $15
B.O.D.Y. Vol. 1&2
Alice 19th Vol. 1
Aishiteruze Baby Vol. 1&2
Bloody Monday Vol. 1
Fruits Basket Vol. 1-13 - 10 Each or 100 for All
Hana-Kimi Vol. 4, 7-9
Imadoki Vol. 1&2
Soul Eater Vol. 4
Get Backers Vol. 23
Bleach Vol. 1-3
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