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Started by uwanoyoyo, May 20, 2018, 03:54:43 PM

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I was wondering from everyone else's experience. This is my first time booking a room for Fairmont and I only have a debit card to use so I put the room under that. I read that Fairmont takes a deposit of something like one night's worth of stay a week or so before the con, which I saw was deducted from my account. I was wondering if anyone ever got that money back if you made no troubles with the room throughout the weekend?

Any insights?


If you dont cause any damages or take anything out of the mini fridge you'll get that money back. It can take a few days though and you wont have those funds available during the weekend. 


Actually, I think that may be incorrect.

From what I know the deposit and incidental fee are two separate charges.

From my email:

PRE-ARRIVAL DEPOSIT POLICY: Please note that most hotels will either charge or authorize your credit or debit card for one night's room and tax up to 3 weeks prior to your arrival date.

HOTEL DEPOSIT POLICY: Please note that at check-in, your hotel will require full payment of your room and tax for all nights plus an additional deposit of up to $100.00 per room/per night. Hotels will accept all major credit/debit cards. Most hotels accept cash and checks but you should check with your confirmed hotel directly prior to arrival if you will be paying by cash or check to ensure that they will accept it. Hotels reserve the right to determine which forms of payment they will accept, including cash.

The pre-arrival deposit is non refundable.   The Hotel deposit, AKA the incidental fee will be returned to you so long as there are no damages to the room.    However I could be wrong, so if anyone could chip in, that would be great.


I'm staying at the Fairmont, and I was charged 1 night's stay as the security deposit. As far as I know (from Marriott & Hilton past experiences), the money will be returned to you if the room is kept in order. It should take time (5-10 days; it varies hotel to hotel). They could also charge you an additional monies depending on the hotel itself. The amount that you are being estimated of being charged will be the grand total, abiding the fact that you keep the room in good order.

Basically, it's better if you use a credit card, not debit since the amount being charged will be deducted from the balance and won't be refunded until at a later time. Hope this helps.


When I last stayed at the Fairmont (2013) I was charge $100 each night for security.. so $500 plus the cost of the hotel so almost $1,250 for my stay.
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Thank you for the replies!! ;w; it really gave me an insight to what to look out for! I guess I'll ask the hotel during checkout too about the deposit. I don't have a credit card right now that's why I can't use one haha...