WTB: FLCL drawstring bag

Started by Joesprite, May 26, 2018, 10:31:20 PM

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Hi, I'd like to buy one of the flcl bags people picked up on Friday check in. It has a red iron on the back and says adult swim below in small font.

If anyone wants to make a quick 5 bucks let me know. Thanks.


Such backpacks are an excellent accessory with a lot of advantages. Uniform pressure on the shoulders removes most of the load from the musculoskeletal system. Hand luggage or a shoulder sports bag puts pressure on only one shoulder, causing the spinal column to bend. Backpacks, despite the seemingly small volume, have a large capacity. Even the smallest, thanks to the convenient location of pockets and compartments, is able to accommodate many items. I ordered a similar one using the Mato & Hash service