Going to Japan for All Budgets Cancellation - The why

Started by HunterZero, May 27, 2018, 06:21:04 PM

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I'm sorry I had to cancel Going to Japan for All Budgets. Unfortunately the second half of Friday and all day Saturday I had extreme abdominal pain. I decided to push through it for Cthulhu for President and Bad Hentai, which wasn't the wisest decision.

It was caused by appendicitis and  I underwent surgery early this morning. No chance to make it for this panel, so it was cancelled. Aside from what is expected, I'm doing fine.

Everything being said, please check out my online guide for Tokyo. It doesn't have everything I was going to go over in the panel, but it does have good information:
Cthulhu for President!
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Oh no! I hope the surgery went smoothly and that you have a quick and painless recovery. My sister and I were bummed that the panel was canceled, but your health is much more important!