Fanime Dance Suggestion for 2019

Started by 72no, May 29, 2018, 10:17:28 PM

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Hey, really loving how the three rooms were made into one main room, with a dedicated break room-- the giant room with just water was kind of a waste but whatever.
Still, can we maybe make suggestions about the choice of music in the dance? I don't really mind the hiphop stuff but just would like music that is exclusive to the theme of the convention... anime? I really liked DATGAI's choice of music but I kind of felt like I was at a "people that couldn't go to EDC" party when the hiphop stuff came up. Just my opinion, would just like more anicore weeb stuff cause it's fun.


I kinda missed having the separate rooms! I really like hiphop and hearing it switch back and forth between styles kinda killed my vibezzzz. Was there a reason it changed?
Fri- TBD
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Hi, I'd like to suggest re-opening DJ sign-up's again.
There are a lot of untapped talent around the Bay Area, and around California when it comes to the whole AniSong/AniCore, VG Remixes, and EDM scene. Within L.A alone, there are the performers like James Landino, Syntho, and Voia just to name a few that are influenced by Japanese media and animation. And most of the attendees that go to anime conventions are very open to that type of music. Especially when the DJ plays a remix/edit of a familiar, in-season anime. The crowd would very much favor that.
This is coming from someone who just performed at Anime Expo.
And so I agree with 72no regarding the line-up and music selection.
DatGai definitely hit the mark with song selection, catering to the demographic that attends these conventions.
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Quote from: 72no on May 29, 2018, 10:17:28 PM
but I kind of felt like I was at a "people that couldn't go to EDC" party when the hiphop stuff came up.

Kind of an odd comment; Hiphop isn't the main type of music at EDC.
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