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Guests I want For FanimeCon 2019 25th Anniversary

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I might as well post my suggestions. xD So here we go!!

Jun Fukuyama
Masuda Toshiki
Kishou Taniyama
Tomokazu Sugita
Noriyaki Sugiyama
Kensho Ono
Quinton Flynn
Chris Sabat
Derek Stephen Prince
Crispin Freeman
Wendee Lee

For cosplay guests I would like to see:

I might have more but those are my suggestions for now! :D

I'd like to see Christina Valenzuela return next year and have Ali Hillis or Cherami Leigh as guests

Guest suggestions by type (highlighted means someone I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to see at Fanime), but would be happy with any or all of these

Cosplay related:

* Lisa Lou Who
* Vampy Bit Me
* Danielle Denicola
* Kairu Photography
* Irene Meier
* Spidey Luc
* Emily Aurelia
* Enji Night
* Nicole Evee Davis
Music (for musicfest):

* One Ok Rock - J-Rock / Alternative
* Rip Slyme - J-Rap (appeared on Gantz soundtrack)
* Dragon Ash - J-Rock / Rap (on Battle Royale soundtrack)
* Baby Metal - J-Rock / Metal
* The Indigo - Japanese Folk / Pop (on Someday's Dreamer and Ai Yori Aoshi soundtracks)
* M-Flo - Japanese rap / pop
* 04 Limited Sazabys - Japanese rock / punk
* Uverworld - J-Rock (appear on Aoi Exorcist soundtracks)
* Radwimps - J-Rock / Pop (appear on Your Name. Soundtrack)

* John from AnimeNation
* Mamoru Hosoda - Director of Samurai Champloo, Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Wolf Children, etc.
* Ayako Kawasumi - Voice Actress - Samurai Champloo, Danmachi Sword Oratoria, etc.
* Yoko Kanno - Composer - Ghost in the Shell, Wolf's Rain, etc.
* Akamatsu Ken - Mangaka - Love Hina, Negima!, etc.
* Hiroyuki Sanada - Actor - Twilight Samurai, The Wolverine, 47 Ronin, Sunshine, etc.
* Takeru Satoh - Actor - Ruroni Kenshin Live Action, Kamen Rider, etc.
* Tomoya Nagase - Actor / VA - My Boss My Hero, Sword of the Stranger, etc.
* Yuu Shindo - Art Director - My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu
* Kanami Sekiguchi - Character Designer - Charlotte, Sakura Quest, Shirobako, etc.
Would be fun to have a celebrity chef for something like Japanese Sushi or Ramen too, especially if they could setup a booth at the event to sell their food. Maybe have a food truck aisle in a nearby area (doesn't have to be next to Fanime, if it's hard to coordinate).

Fanime usually does a great job finding a variety of guests so hopefully one of these sparks something in their selection process.

It'd be cool to have Nipah as a cosplay guest! I would also like to see Aicosu invited back.

Would love to see Dan Green, Little Kuriboh, Shunsuke Kazama, Ted Lewis, Rica Matsumoto, Yō Inoue, Darren Dunstan, Taliesin Jaffe, Amber Connor, Cristina Valenzuela, Idina Menzel, Jim Cummings, Todd Haberkorn, Brad Hawkins, SkyWilliams, Kazuki Takahashi, Keith Ferguson, Lucie Pohl, Anjali Bhimani, Fred Tatasciore, Laura Post, and the Aquabats. Lmao I know most if not all of these are never going to happen, but you miss all the shots you dont take so might as well


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