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Guests I want For FanimeCon 2019 25th Anniversary

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Why in the world is artist Bordin Marsinkul from Hyperbooster Studio not invited this year?  He's a staple at this con! 

hey real talk if you're going to add youtube personalities at least add mega64, they can be a vendor and they sell great anime-inspired merch and always have packed panels. sorry but the completionist? sure i guess.

As an old school Fanime attendee I'd like to see the return of the Kung-Fu movie guru Ric Meyers.    I really enjoyed the way he MCed the Masquerade.

I have updated my list in my previous post! ^^

Japanese VAs:
Takahiro Fujiwara: MHA (Killer Stain)
Go Inoue: MHA (Kurogiri), Tiger & Bunny (Sky High)
Sōichiro Hoshi: Saiyuki (Goku), Sengoku Basara (Sanada)
Fumiko Orikasa: Bleach (Rukia), Code Geads (Shirley)
Kousuke Toriumi: Naruto (Kiba), Persona 3 (Junpei), UtaPri (Cecil)
Kaito Ishikawa: One Punch (Genos), Haikyuu (Kageyama)
Yuuki Ono: Kuroko (Kagami), Food Wars (Isami)

English VAs:
Chris Sabat
Monica Rial
Sean Schemmel
Kyle Hebert
Caitlin Glass
Stephanie Sheh
Cristina Vee


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