Guests I want For FanimeCon 2019 25th Anniversary

Started by DankLordPopo, May 30, 2018, 09:54:29 PM

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Hi! I was wondering if I could suggest the following cosplayer as a guest? Her name is nikkigeecosplay.

Her instagram:

Love Sign Master Spark


There are a few I'd like to suggest:

Todd Haberkorn
Reuben Langdon
Weendee Lee

And I know this is suggestion is a bit much but it would be nice to see Vic Mignogna. Now I know there are some conventions that he will still attend this year. It would be  really be appreciated as I know the anime community would be reassuring for most fans that he still has support out there.

Fanime is known as an inclusive community, as well as non biased. It would be really great if Vic would be an added guest.

Quick Edit:
Here's Vic's contact page with all his links:


No!! Don't get Vic or Todd! I want Fanime to be a safe convention and not have to worry about any of the guests!

I do second Wendee Lee, though!! Since we have Aya Hirano, it would be so amazing if we had Wendee, too!! <3
(ノ•ω•)ノ Cosplay List:
Rook Hunt
Ukyo (Ranma 1/2)
Satsuki (Totoro)
Omega (Bad Batch)
Giyu (KnY)
Rengoku (KnY)
Sheeta (Laputa)