Anime Name That Tune 2019 (Accepted)

Started by anarchycupcake, November 04, 2018, 01:54:12 AM

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Anime Name That Tune
Current Status: Scheduled for Sunday from 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM in Panels Room 4

Hey everyone, I'm hoping to run my first Fanime panel in 2019 and thought I'd try measuring interest here while I'm waiting for panel submissions to open. I'm a huge fan of anime music and participated in contests like this at other cons, but noticed there wasn't one at Fanime, so I've decided to try and organize an Anime Name That Tune panel!

The TL;DR Version:
Think you're an anime music maestro? Put your skills to the test in this game show! Identify anime from brief song clips to win prizes!

The Elevator Pitch:
The iconic game show just got an anime twist! Contestants will be chosen from the audience to identify anime from short snippets of their openings, endings or soundtrack music. The first person to chime in with the correct title will be awarded points based on how quickly they're able to answer. The contestant with the most points at the end of 10 rounds will win a prize! Anyone with a love of anime music, regardless of experience level, is encouraged to participate!

The Full Details:
Anime Name That Tune is an all-anime version of the old TV game show "Name That Tune." Contestants will compete against each other to to identify anime from short snippets of their music. The game is designed to test the contestants' familiarity with anime music, but more importantly, it's a fun way for anime fans to show appreciation for the music that we all love.

The actual structure of the panel is as follows:

Five contestants will be selected to go up on stage and compete at once. Contestants will be selected via raffle tickets that will be handed out to people interested in playing as they enter the room, the other halves of which will shuffled and selected one by one at random. This gives everyone who's interested an equal opportunity to participate.

Depending on whether I am allotted an hour or two hours, either five (for two hours) or two (for one hour) groups of contestants will be able to compete during this panel.

Once the contestants are settled and introduced, the game will begin. The contestants will all play 10 rounds, each with different anime/anime music. The rounds break down as follows:

Round 1: OPs and EDs from anime originally aired during 1970 - 1989
Round 2: OPs and EDs from anime originally aired during 1990 - 1994
Round 3: OPs and EDs from anime originally aired during 1995 - 1999
Round 4: OPs and EDs from anime originally aired during 2000 - 2004
Round 5: OPs and EDs from anime originally aired during 2005 - 2009
Round 6: OPs and EDs from anime originally aired during 2010 - 2014
Round 7: OPs and EDs from anime originally aired during 2015 - 2018
Round 8: English dubbed anime OPs that aired on North American TV
Round 9: OSTs from any anime
Round 10: Movie themes

During each round, I will play a song from a shuffled playlist that corresponds to the round categories. Although the playlists will be selected ahead of time, the songs will be chosen at random from a larger list, so as to increase song/anime diversity. Each round's playlist includes anywhere from dozens to hundreds to even thousands of possible songs that fit its category. Other than the song having to fit in the category, the only other rules I stipulated were that the anime couldn't be too obscure (it had to have at least a certain number of members on MyAnimeList based on its age) and that the same anime could only have one OP and one ED (or one song period in rounds 8 - 10) in any given round. Sequels were treated as a new anime rather than a continuation. If, in the air date-based rounds, an anime carried over from one round to the next (think long running shows like Naruto/One Piece), then the first OP and ED to air during that time period were also included. The songs are from a variety of genres and of various recognizability and difficulty levels.

The selected song will first be played for 15 seconds. The contestant who buzzes in fastest gets the first chance to answer. If a contestant buzzes in before or during the pause in song play at that 15 second mark and correctly answers, they will receive 3 points. If they get the answer incorrect, other players will be given a chance to buzz in and answer. If no one buzzes in or if they buzz in and give an incorrect answer, the song will be played for another 15 seconds. If a contestant is able to buzz in and answer correctly during this time, they will receive 1 point. If a contestant is still unable to get the correct answer, the correct answer will be announced and the game will proceed to the next round/song. There is no penalty for incorrect answers, but each contestant will only be allowed to make 1 guess per song.

At the end of the 10 rounds, the contestant with the most points will win a grand prize. The other participants will also win smaller, runners-up prizes. The exact prizes haven't been determined yet, but they will be various anime goods.

This same structure will be repeated either 1 (in the case of a 1 hour panel) or 4 (in the case of a 2 hour panel) more time. In case there is extra time after this, a just-for-fun, free-for-all round will be held, in which anyone from the audience is able to answer.

Can you name that tune?


This really sounds interesting.  Hope it goes through OK.  Would be fun to see.


Thank you! I was surprised to learn that Fanime didn't already have one, as it was a staple of cons I used to go to back in the Midwest. So I'm hoping I can get it started here at Fanime.


I submitted my panel application today! Here's hoping Anime Name That Tune gets approved! I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, I'll keep adding more and more OPs, EDs and OSTs to my playlists! Currently I have 2,839 songs!


Currently I'm looking to add to my collections of songs for the OST and movie categories! If you have any suggestions of anime and anime movies with notable insert songs or OSTs, let me know!


Update: Anime Name That Tune has been accepted! It is currently scheduled for Sunday from 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM in Panels Room 4! I look forward to seeing you all there!