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Help me not have the most depressing Fanime 2019 ever...

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I'm not off to a great start.
2019 will be my third con year, one solo in 2015 and one with my hub who hates crowds/dancing/going 30 mins without smoking so we basically didn't do anything 2018.
This year's plan was to get a room upstairs and buy him a weekend ticket and he can come down for the things he is actually interested in and go hide/play Beat Saber upstairs alone when the crowds are too fierce and I can be down at the convention all weekend. It is currently November 22nd and I've just realized this morning reg has been up for a month and I haven't booked my badge number yet...
So now I'm back to going to the con alone, eyes to the floor, probably sitting by myself in panels for 10 hours a day not asking questions, leaving my cosplay unworn for yet another year because it doesn't look right on me anyway and it's not like anyone cares, probably skipping the concert, the dance, and all the other super fun social things...
Depressing, right? But I'm a realist, and I know me, so while I can be my normal bright self June-April I know that come May I'm gonna be looking at the forums thinking about maybe trying to join in on all the fun everyone else is having, and yet, will say nothing.

So here's what I decided to do: start early as hell, before the darkness of spring time self loathing kicks in. Before January starts a new semester and I get all wrapped up in classes and don't realize it's May until May the 4th. I'm going to get into this damn forum and SAY SOMETHING. And maybe I'll keep saying things and by May I'll feel like I belong enough to actually enjoy this damn con to the fullest

So hi. My gaming/fan names are typically Kira or Khylaa. If I ever release this novel I've been writing for like 5 years maybe the single person who downloads it for free will one day know why. I basically love all JRPGs and still tear up with I hear songs from Angel Beats several years after watching. Apparently time heals all wounds, except those inflicted by anime. <-- Which seems like a perfect first signature on the Fanime forums (dibs)

So ask me a question. Invite me to your Fanime themed groups. Create one of our own! Start a monthly coffee social. Invent time travel so I can swap November me with depressing May me. The sky's the limit, we've got time until May.

Have a great Fanime 2019!

Hey!! I hope you can have a fun Fanime this time!! ^^

I haven't gotten my badge yet, either. I usually get mine sometime in March. But prices have been changing and been going up in the past years... :x

I've always gotten mine before the first price increase, but never soon enough to be able to look at the good hotel accommodations before they're sold out... Having to book a room 3 miles away really puts a damper on the con for me...  :-\

--- Quote from: Angelx624 on November 24, 2018, 10:52:52 PM ---Hey!! I hope you can have a fun Fanime this time!! ^^

I haven't gotten my badge yet, either. I usually get mine sometime in March. But prices have been changing and been going up in the past years... :x

--- End quote ---

Register as soon as you can to get a position in the housing window later.  Even if housing for the weekend is all booked up, attempt to book a single day where you want to stay.  Then go on the waitlist for when rooms open up closer to Fanime.  It works.  It's certainly better than doing nothing at this point.

Good tip. My badge number is past the 3000 ticket mark, so I can still hope that 3000 people in front of me all live in SJ?

Really though, will I be able to wait list for the whole weekend or is it a choose one night per ticket wait list?


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