Camp Half-Blood Pajama Campfire (2019) (Panelists needed)

Started by therealannabethchase, December 18, 2018, 08:38:42 PM

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Hey guys! Hopefully this will mark my third year of running a Panel at Fanime. This time I am running another Percy Jackson Panel, it seemed my most popular one of the previous two that I have ran so far!
As always, I have multiple ways to be contacted in case you are interested, including here on the Fanime Forums.
I'm hoping to have the panel on Sunday between 3 p.m and 5 p.m

Characters Taken:
Annabeth Chase (me)
Grover Underwood
Thalia Grace
Nico Di Angelo
Rachel Dare
Piper Mclean
Leo Valdez
Percy Jackson

Characters needed:
Will Solace
Hazel Levesque

1. Must be 15 or older
2. Must have pajamas that relate to the character
3. Fill out a Google Form
4. Panelists must have more than one way of communication (Tumblr, Instagram, Email, ect.)
5. Please be active in the group chat whenever the group chat is assembled
6. When talking about about the panel (when and if it's accepted) you must be active (If you are too busy at to be in the panel you must drop out at least one month before the panel)

Contact information:
IG: therealannbethchase818
Tumblr: dragged-by-my-fringe
Email: [email protected]

(I'm mostly active on my Instagram and Tumblr, those two are the best way to get a hold of me.)

Fanime2019 Lineup:

Friday: Dance Keith Kogane (VLD)
Saturday: Maid Keith Kogane (VLD)
Sunday: Annabeth Chase (PJO)/Emma Swan (OUAT) for the Ball
Monday: Casual Clothes

(therealannabethchase818 on IG)