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Fanime 2019 Dealer Hall Wishlists!


Hello again! Making another thread to see what people are looking for in the dealer's hall this coming Fanime. I figure it's worth a shot to put what people want to see in Dealer's Hall here cause maybe the dealers will check forums and see this and bring those items or type of items. I also just like seeing what other people are into and looking to find when they come. Not everyone has things in mind to look for, some just want to see what's available. Though I personally enjoy finding specific things for good prices at cons compared to buying online or from Japan. So please feel free to list anything you would want to buy from dealer's hall, whether you've seen it there previously or not!

I'm personally hoping for:

Tales of Berseria - Eizen figure (December 2018 Japan release date)
Any other tales figures
Yu-Gi-Oh! Figures (kaiba and joey mainly, I have everyone else lmao)
Trigun merchandise
D Gray man merchandise
Unique/new plushies
Lolita clothing
Kirby merchandise

The Sea-Faring Otaku:
One of the things I’ve always liked about the Fanime Dealers Hall is the great balance of different shops and merchandise available.

In the past, I’ve kinda focused on only manga and anime gets here and there. This year, I’m all about figures!!! Specifically I’m hoping to find:

Schwi - No Game/No Life 0 (The one with Her in the sweatshirt. Not the half naked one!)
Ruby Rose - RWBY (The Di Molto Bene Version)
Bakugou - BNHA (The ARTFX Figure)
Yuki Nagato - Haruhi Suzumiya-verse (Specifically from the Disappearance Timeline cute!)
And anything else that pops up and is in my wheelhouse of likes!...and Pocky...way more Pocky than usual!

Anything Final Fantasy VII(specifically Reno) ;u;

I'm really hoping they'll have the bandori nesoberis, especially the kokoro and michelle ones!!!!


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