Fanime 2018 Report - Larger Than Life

Started by Eri Kagami, January 15, 2019, 06:58:12 AM

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Eri Kagami

Happy Throwback Tuesday!
I mean, I am posting on a forum after all! ^_^;

After a six year absence, we have returned to Fanime. You can read our report here:


Hey, these forums aren't quite dead. xD But it does feel like living in the past. I still prefer posting in the forums than in the FB group. :x

But nice to see you return to Fanime!! ^_^
(ノ•ω•)ノ Cosplay List:
Rook Hunt
Ukyo (Ranma 1/2)
Satsuki (Totoro)
Omega (Bad Batch)
Giyu (KnY)
Rengoku (KnY)
Sheeta (Laputa)


Hey! I was the host of the Hetalia gathering last year! Glad you enjoyed it :D