hotel room size questions

Started by inanevan, January 16, 2019, 08:36:09 AM

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Hey guys!

Does anyone know the size for the double bed rooms at Marriott and Hilton? I'm wondering which room is bigger. I know they both have 2 double beds but I was hoping to have a little more spacious room for all the luggage and such. Anyone have experience with this?  My group prefer to have convenience of being connected to the con.


They are decent sizes room, but in my opinion for staying both hotels years before and to where I'm currently staying (which it's at the Fairfield), they are about the same. Give or take. In my opinion, both rooms are consider small with majority of my roommates are cosplayers.


I've stayed in pretty much all the hotels now and to be completely honest, unless you get a suite (which still MAYBE gets you a foot extra floor space) every room is on average the same size. I'm staying at the Hyatt this year which has a king sized bed along with a sofa bed which is nice because you can fold it up during the day to give the illusion of more space.