Hyatt Reward Member ONLY breakfast?

Started by CosplayDevotee, January 18, 2019, 04:19:17 PM

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So...I guess last year's free breakfast at the Hyatt was such a debacle that they've now changed it to Hyatt Rewards Members only. My question is, my husband is a rewards member, I am not...because that would be an incredibly stupid thing for us to have. We have one joint bank account, the same credit cards etc... when we book rooms with the Hyatt, it's always under the same number. So when I read on the Hotel registration information page it states in red text "only the Hyatt reward members inside the room qualify for the free breakfast." ...does that mean only my husband qualifies? I would understand if a room of 4 people that have no relation other than friendship would dictate that only the 1 or 2 ppl in the room with a membership would get the breakfast, but a married couple no?

I get that the Hyatt is trying to crack down on people trying to take advantage of the system, I even saw it happening last year in person, but this just seems ridiculous. We've called both the Hyatt and CMR housing and no one seems to be able to answer our question. Will I be included or not?

Regardless, we're happy to pay for me each morning since 10.99 equals what we would likely be paying for both of us every morning anyway, we just want some clarity.

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Oh its been an issue for years and they have attempted to use a variety of systems to prevent people from abusing it. I was surprised it took them as long as it did to limit it as they did last year, and it makes sense to require registered names on the room to be the only ones to be able to get in. Pushing the loyalty program in is kind of overkill if they already have the names registered, but it isn't a big deal. The loyalty program is easy to sign up for and doesn't require any credit card information or the like, at least when I signed up for it after reading the line on the breakfast. Just get any people you know will be in the room on the roommate list and get them to sign up (that is if they want breakfast).

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-_-; this is just too silly. If it doesn't require a credit card, I guess getting an extra email a month is worth the price of breakfast.


According to this, provided they recognize booking with fanime as booking direct, you should be good for the free breakfast along with your husband.