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Music Requests for the 2019 Black & White Ball

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Mr. Wendell:
D’Sound & Armi Millare- Lykkelig

UDD - Sigurado

MONKEY MAJIK x Taiiku Okazaki - Ryu Gakusei

Here’s some songs I would like to suggest;
derniere danse -by Indila
Tourner Dans La Vide -by Indila
Perfect -Ed Sheeran
L O V E -Frank Sinatra
Save the Last Dance for me -Micheal Buble
Sway -Micheal Buble
Can I have this Dance- High School Musical
Never Knew I needed-Neyo
Bad Apple-Touhou

Delete. Wrong post. Sorry

Love Sign Master Spark:
Maybe I'll get lucky this year and get to hear it in person.  (insert sardonic laugh here)

Witch's Ball  Link provided for convenience.

Two more last minute ideas

The Moon (Ducktales Remastered) - East Coast Swingv
Don't Stop The Pop (DJ Earworm) - Cha Cha


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