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Final Fantasy 18+ Panel Recruiting!!


(Panel has been confirmed! Updated details are below! While I am not the leader of the panel I am helping to recruit hence why I posted it here!)

Hello there, everyone! My group is planning on hosting a Final Fantasy panel(18+), and we are in need of characters!! Below I will list details about the panel as well as who we need and from what games, so without further ado:

The panel is basically an anything goes(almost!) panel! There will be questions asked, fun and games, and maybe some truth or dare! I will add more details if needed over time, so do check back here!

Important: There will be a mandatory rehearsal Friday at 6pm! This is not a dress rehearsal so you do not have to be in the cosplay of your character!

Date: Sunday
Time: 10pm-12am
Location: Fairmont

We are only looking for characters from VII and XV since those are the characters we have! If we tried to have characters from all games, it would be too many people!

Now then, onto characters:

Who We Need

Final Fantasy XV
Anyone we don't have!!

-And basically anyone else from VII or XV that we do not have. However we don't want to have the cast of characters be too big as we can only fit so many people on the panel stage!

Who We Have

Final Fantasy
Moogle/Mog x2 (They will basically be hosting the panel and are the only mascot characters we need)

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy XV

So far those are only the ones we are looking for, however I will update this if we are looking for any others! Feel free to post here if you're interested!

The panel has been accepted and we have a date and time!

First post has been updated!

More updates have been applied to the first post!

We are in need of at least one more character from XV! (Would prefer a Lunafreya, but we want to balance it out and thus need one more from XV!)


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