ADA or Accessibility Services?

Started by kbeller717, February 22, 2019, 08:19:00 PM

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Hello all!
I am new and will be working with the panels team.  I had a friend ask me if Fanime has a quiet room for those with sensory needs or anxiety and needs a place to go when they become overstimulated.  I have worked other cons that have a dedicated accessibility services team to be sure attendees with any kind of need whether it is sensory, deaf/hard of hearing, or blind/low vision is taken care of.  Does Fanime have anything like this?  If not, it would make the con even more popular than it already is by allowing full access to all attendees. 


While I haven't noticed a dedicated quiet/sensory-friendly room, there is a cosplay repair lounge that is generally a quiet and air-conditioned place away from crowds -
I've used it a few times to decompress during con days due to anxiety etc.

This isn't to say I think anything else is unnecessary - I definitely agree with what you're saying and think a dedicated space would help a lot of people - but for the time being this is a helpful resource.


You can most likely direct questions regarding ADA or Accessibility to Attendee Relations.

New Mom Rooms
We have set aside a room for new mothers to make use of during the convention. Whether it be for some much-needed privacy or just to have some peace and quiet, this private space will be available in the Hilton San Jose.

The key is available at ConOps on the Hilton San Jose's second floor. The room is open for use during ConOps hours.

Parent Lounge
Exhausted from venturing through the hustle and bustle of the convention? Not really sure about this whole FanimeCon thing your kids have dragged you to? Consider taking the load off at our pleasant Parent Lounge!

Located on the first floor of Hilton San Jose, this is a place for parents to kick back without worrying about accidentally walking through a photo shoot or tripping over someone's prop. Relax and take a breather at the Parent Lounge before going out to explore the rest of FanimeCon!

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