Questions on Autograph Sessions

Started by kitana, March 01, 2019, 12:59:37 PM

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I just want to know if anything is being done about how the autograph sessions are done. Its always disorganized and a huge firehazard, when everyone rushes that hallway.  I think you should do something like what crunchyroll does and hand out tickets in the morning and only in the morning or something like sac anime with the ability to buy a fastpass, so you can cut the line. I would pay, i hate waiting in line. Or offer VIP tickets that guarantees the autographs, you just pay extra. Or just organize it better, so no one is rushing towards the door.

I just want to know if anything is going be done to organize it better.

Thank you for your time


Echo that, wanting to know info and if more organization is planned. The lines in 2018 were pretty bad.


It's probably too late for this year but I second the morning ticketing idea. Have a dedicated location where attendees can line up in the morning and pick up tickets, first come, first served. Lots of other conventions do this, like CRX and AX.


So, i asked the question back in march and no one in admin replied!!

Again, the autograph sessions need better organisation, ayas autograph session was out of control, there was so much pushing, shoving, it was a total fire hazard, something really needs to be done to organize this better.

Im all for paying for meet and greets or doing something like a ticketing system.


I didn't think I would say that AX was better than Fanime, but the ticketing system as mentioned is one way to avoid the mass crowding, controlled rush, and stress and frustration for staff and attendees, especially people getting cut from Hirano's line for 2 days. Fortunately no one got injured.

If Fanime doesn't want to invest in the staff and costs to print and distribute tickets, just go back to the old system and let people line up in a room beforehand so it's first come first served if that's the way they want to spend their con and aren't in danger of blocking any accessways.
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