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Thanks for the info guys. I'll see you all at the swap meet today!


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I'm getting conflicting information about the use of a wagon to carry the goods and I don't see anything about this on the Agreement.  Is a small wagon that's foldable allowed?  We can even carry it by hand with 2 people if needed.

Something like this:


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Can we get clarification on this? Rules & Guidelines have no information listed on limitations of how to transport goods, and I'm hearing conflicting reports ranging from "You can only bring what you can carry" (which would mean I'd be out $80 as someone with a back problem who can't lift anything) to "As long as it doesn't obscure it's fine" (in which case I'd be relatively in the clear)

Any guidance would be appreciated. :)

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I went in yesterday with a rolling suitcase and one of those fabric flea market rollers and those were fine. I also saw people get in fine with those beach wagons with the thick wheels to go over sand, actual dollies, and long dollies. There were rumors that you could use those up to the door but from there you had to hand carry everything to your spot, which didn't seem to be true as there were no dollies or wagons lined up by the door which would be the case if that was true. Basically as long as it's nothing super big and industrial level which would actually get in the way, you should be fine, especially if it folds up. Hope this helps, sorry if you're not doing swap meet tonight and I got here too late, but hopefully it helps! Good luck!

PS If you have a friend or someone, they are able to help you carry stuff through the check in line and to your space, especially if you have a medical problem that prohibits you from carrying heavy things (two lovely people in front of me in line I chatted with were that exact scenario).


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