Marvel Gathering 2019 (Possible Unofficial *DETAILS INSIDE*)

Started by bahamutknightzero, March 26, 2019, 06:39:53 PM

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Placeholder as the gathering submission is being made, more details to come.

UPDATE (3-26-19):
As for the "Unofficial" tag in the title, that was a goof-up on my part. Basically, was discussing with people on Facebook that noticed that there was no Marvel gathering submitted yet. After some discussion earlier in the day, we did agree that we should try to get one submitted. As I submitted mine after getting home from work, I noticed that the person that I was speaking with sent the submission first.

Due to this, I am considering to have this as a bit of an "unofficial" gathering for those that might not be able to attend the official gathering (we both submitted for different days). Even with this, both the first organizer and myself did reach out to help each other out in terms of the gatherings.

Now we all wait in a bit of a limbo to see what happens with the gathering department in this situation.


Added a little description/details to explain the situation at hand (in terms of the "unofficial" title and other stuff)


This version is now in limbo.

An official one has been set for Friday at 6pm


For those interested in the official Marvel Gathering, they have their event page up on Facebook

Still working to see if an unofficial gathering can be made for those that are unable to make it to the official gathering