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Please, Do NOT Do “Silver Island”

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--- Quote from: Amanojaku on April 29, 2019, 03:42:47 PM ---I'm going to remain optimistic about it.  The con has more than doubled in size since I started attending every year.  With Clockwork Alchemy flying on their own now, that opens up room there for things to expand.  I've stayed at the Double Tree many times, and can vouch for the shuttle service being very reliable and frequent... if someone hasn't seen the shuttles before, they're simply not looking in the right place.  The schedule has always been available at the information tables.

I like that they're trying new things.  And if it doesn't work out, they don't have to do it that way again.  No big deal.

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Paper schedules lol? That would explain why there is 0 info available online. No signs posted for pick up and drop off either? Oh boy, now I really am nervous.

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Um.... there have been signboards where all the shuttles stop on the side of the Hilton (Almaden Ave) for years now, with each route clearly marked.  Additionally the schedules are posted there as well and I believe they've been in the pocket guide for a few years now too.  The shuttles pick up and drop off over there for good reason, they don't have to deal with the traffic in front of the convention center.

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Oh that's great news! I asked around and have only gotten "I've heard there was a shuttle or something" as an answer. I had asked a volunteer in the Marriott how to get to the Fairmont and they told me I was I the Fairmont, so I was pretty lost until I just gave up and went to to stand in lines. I now see the 3 stop markers from the digital guide from last year, but maybe they will stick some shuttle info in there as well this year for other nervous newbies. As far as I knew, the DoubleTree was a myth lol. Although it looks like it will stay a myth as I'm not about that 18+ life. The update said that the shuttle will be 24 hours. Is that normal, or also new with Silver Island? Might be worth it just for that.

TC X0 Lt 0X:
Alright I would like to extend this thread for 2020

Please, Do NOT Do “Silver Island”

If you recall last year they gave out tickets for the for the first two hours of the hentai and yaoi rooms at the convention center. Those tickets were gone pretty quickly ( they started sitribution at 10am each day). This year the first two hours were ticketed as well. I noticed that there were plenty of tickets available at the video room table late into the afternoon each day. So I think tha attendance was probably down this year at the Doubletree

and the shuttles were terrible :/

*I should add that it was stated by the chairdude himself they moved shuttles from other hotels to prioritize those going to the double tree and even that was not enough to meet demand. he did not offer to even consider making changes if they were to continue "silver island"

I didn't go to Silver Island; that aspect of the con doesn't interest me. From my friends who went, they seemed to have a good time with no complaints (besides just having to go over there, which is given).

How would y'all like to see the DoubleTree space utilized?


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