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Started by Luffy.Dragneel213, January 18, 2019, 04:56:24 AM

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Cancelled reservation.




Room Needed:
+ Introduction: Hi! My name is Amanda. I'm looking for a place to stay for myself (34F) and a friend of mine(35M) within walking distance of the con center as we weren't able to get a hotel this year. This will be my 10th Fanime, my friends' 5th Fanime. We are both cosplayers but none of our costumes take up a large amount of room.
+ Hotel Information: I would prefer a hotel within walking distance of the con, so Fairmont, westin, hyatt, but not opposed to hotels attached to con center either.
+ Requirements: Both of us would be staying from thurs-mon. Just would need one room key for the both of us, we're fine with floorspace just as long as we're able to use an air mattress that's about queen sized. Would prefer a non-party room as we don't really party. We tend to stay out late, but are quiet when we come in.
+ Contact: Please email me at [email protected] or send a PM

Found a room, thank you for all your help =)




Found All Roommates!

Looking for 1 Roommate:

**Floor Spot Available Only

I'm Michael 8) (Male / 28 years old) and this will be my 6th time attending Fanime. I have the Hyatt Place - 2 Double Beds (No Rollaway Available). I reserved Thursday 5/23 - Monday 5/27; 4 nights total. I have 1 or 2 bed spots, 1 sofa spot, and 1 floor spot available. The bed spot is $300 [bed all to yourself] (if willing to share with another person; $200 each), sofa spot $200, and floor spot is $200. This is a Non-Party Room. Payment: I require payment thru PayPal by May 1st (unless there's a last-minute cancellation, then by May 23rd) or no entry.

- Be Respectful to Others  :)
- No Drugs
- No Uninvited Guests (Please ask first; I'm not a stickler if you have a friend over)
- No Stealing
- Drinking is OK (Please know your limits; passing out or super drunk are NOT allowed)
- Quiet Time After 12 AM (Arriving late at night is fine; just keep it quiet ^___^)

Here's a link to what the room looks like. It's from the Yelp site:

If interested, send me a private message here or email me. When responding, send a short introduction of yourself (I don't need an essay... lol).


!!Roommates Wanted!! !!Roommates Found!!

Hello, my name is Sarah and I am an otaku. You can find me on FB at RebornRevolution & IG @sunflower.ks I am an age between 21 and 30.

My hotel is the Fairfield Inn and Suites from Thursday-Monday. This hotel has free breakfast, as well as free parking, and shuttle access to the convention center. I may end up driving everyday if I don't like the shuttle, so we may also carpool if desired.

The price is $300/bed. I have one bed for 1-2 people. I would like to keep a calm and "Christian" room, so I don't want to squeeze in a lot of people. I require a non-refundable $50 deposit for each person via paypal. If you would like to pay by card, I require full payment by May 16th via paypal. I will refund any amount over the actual cost at checkout. If you plan to use cash, the full amount is required at check in.

As I already mentioned, I would like to maintain a "Christian" room so everyone can be comfortable. No smoking, no alcohol, and no cursing. Please maintain basic hygiene i.e. no being gross, dirty or smelly. Female or Male is ok. Parent and child is ok. I don't care as long as the above rules are followed.

Contact me via Facebook or Instagram for fastest response, or message me here.

Also, I will be driving up from Fresno if anyone wants to carpool.

Have a great day!
What's a cosplay lol


(Room Filled thank you ^_^)


+ Introduction: 28/M, game developer, half Japanese guy, I live in the bay area and will be driving. Would love to go dancing with a group.
+ Hotel Information: Willing to stay from Friday to Sunday, departing Sunday night. Able to split the cost of a room.
+ Requirements: A nice comfy floor would be great. I pack light and have no cosplay gear.
+ Contact: [email protected]
+ Miscellaneous: Hunter x Hunter is my favorite anime!


1 Roommate wanted  (FLOOR SPACE)

+ Introduction:  Hello, I'm Michele ( I also go by Michi)  I'm from Colorado and I've been going to Fanime for several years now

+ Hotel Information:  Staying at the Hyatt right across from the convention center. The room is a King with Sofa bed.  Stay is from Thursday-Tuesday.   I'm also on the waitlist for the Marriott and Hilton.   In total there will be 5 people in the room

+ Costs:  The cost will be $165 and will be required via paypal no later than one week before the con.   If either of my waitlist requests go through, there will be no change to the price.

+ Requirements:
- 18+ Female is  preferred but not necessary!
-LGBTQ+ friendly
-No smoking of any kind. 
-No underage drinking, if you are 21+ and chose to drink, please do so in moderation.
-Be respectful of people and their things
-If coming in after midnight, please be reasonably quiet
-Do not give your room key to anyone. 
-If your cosplay has body paint, fake blood or excessive make up, please bring your own towels!
-This is NOT a party room.

+ Contact: please email me at [email protected]  make sure to put fanime in the subject.  Alternatively, PM me here.

+ Miscellaneous:  It's my tradition to buy a cake from Bijan Bakery for the room!   If you have any food allergies or restrictions, please let me know!   All in all I'm looking to provide a (somewhat) quiet space to relax and sleep.