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Fanime 2019 Roommate Thread

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Ac hotel. Yes total for 3 days. Feel free to email me

Roommates Wanted
Looking for 1 Person-only floor space available!
Hi my name is Rebeca this is my 7th year going to Fanime.

Hotel Information: Hyatt across from the convention center, Thursday-Monday
Costs: Cost will be split depending on how many people will be in the hotel, the most if not to many people in the room is $220.
Payment either Paypal or Venmo.

Requirements:Anyone is welcome, no bringing other people to the room unless everyone approves of it, everyone will need to agree on a set time of when lights out will be. No Smoking, Drinking maybe allowed so long as everyone is 21+, keeps your hands to yourself( no touching others or their belongings). more rules can be discussed between roommates.

Contact:You can DM on here or on IG xxbebecaxx

Food: I try to provide some type of food and drinks for everyone, water, soda, milk, bread, chips, yogurts etc.

I need a room

Hilton or Marriott only - thursday to monday or friday to monday.

name is Charles and i stopped counting how many years i have been going to fanime. its been many.

i do not drink, smoke or use drugs and would like a room that wont do those things. no party room either as i typically use the hotel for storage and sleep. less people the better.

you can reach me at chuckdeezel (at) hotmail (dot) com. i will pay cash when i get my room key see the bed or floor space i will be sleeping at. i usually don't hang around the room so you might not see me much. great roommate, yes?

Need a room:
+ Introduction: Oi. Name's Idi, Male 30yo, this'll actually be my 10th Fanime if I've not lost count yet. Stayed in a room with random folks my first and last year. Looking for a room since I don't live in downtown anymore--twas the best cheating but alas. Dunno if I'm cosplaying, but if so it won't be something bulky. Last year I made rice-maker fried rice to share with my roommates(if I do end up in your room tell me any food restrictions! I can work around em.) :P I'm pretty chill, tend to run late--but am good at tiptoeing in to sleep.
Slayers and Outlaw star ftw. ;P
+ Hotel Information: Greatly prefer Hilton or Marriott, but could consider others con-adjacent. Looking for Friday-Monday, wouldn't turn down Thursday-Monday tho.
+ Requirements: Non-party room. I do drink a lil, but that's it. No smoking/drugs. Thx.
Looking for a floor or solo bed/couch/such spot. Basically just somewhere to sleep and stow mah stuff.
+ Contact: PM here on the forum or on discord at Kaze Horosha#7264
+ Miscellaneous:
Got a room ^.^

Need a room / Would be happy to take over a reservation
+ Introduction:
Hello! I'm Eileen, and I'm looking for a room for 2~5 people (mixed genders, all of us in our mid 20s)--whatever works for you. This will be my 4th year at Fanime! I had a very nice experience rooming with strangers previously and am looking to do the same this year. We're friendly, quiet, neat, clean, don't drink/party/smoke/do drugs/bring people over, and don't have lots of stuff. We're super chill and can get along with everyone, and don't mind sleeping on the floor. I might be bringing a costume for cosplay, but nothing fancy!

+ Hotel Information: Within walking distance of the hotel, Hilton/Marriott preferred. Thursday-Monday please!
+ Requirements: We're cool with everything
+ Contact: Please PM me! Look forward to rooming with you.


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