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Fanime 2019 Roommate Thread

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Yaso Magatsuhi:
Roommates needed at the Marriot!

Heya! I'm a pretty heckin' rad dude and I'm sure you are too. Unfortunuately I've got a few friends who dropped out last minute so I'm looking to fill in some free space in my double at the Marriott.

Hotel - Marriott which is literally attached to the convention center itself for maximum convenience
Check in/out - Friday - Monday
Price - $130 per for the whole weekend, or 50 a night for individual nights
Requirements:  As long as you can respect other people's property and space you're golden.  I'm 26 and Ive been going to Fanime for 8(?) years at this point so you can count on me being fun and sociable. If you're looking for a chill, drama free experience to enjoy the convention then look no further. All I ask is for no shenanigans.

You can contact me ideally via email:

Room is kinda full just noticing people are asking for one day only o_o!..... huh..

Hi my name is hachimitsu ( male 36?...37?.. who knows what age I am >_>)
I have am one room mate short and would like to invite someone...

Hotel Location::  Hyatt downtown san jose ( across the Convention center)
Rate:: $170
Date::  Thursday |  Friday  |  Saturday  |   Sunday   | Monday ( we check out)

I don't know what else I can offer other than please be respectful in terms of peoples things and such!...
People I am inviting are::

My sister
My sisters Friend Alexa

SO far people attending for one day only


Miranda + 1

That's pretty it but hey, theres an extra bed to share sooo no one has taken that ( yet)
things I can bring:
Udon bowls?

Nintendo Switch?......

I think alcohol might be allowed but let's not overdue things okay!?..

Also if you plan on inviting OTHER!!! GUESTS, PLEASE LET ME KNOW FIRST OKAY!? Just abit more concern on safety and privacy is all v_v!.....

but yeah if anyone is interested, please let me know okay?...

Need a room:
+ Introduction: Hi, my friend and I are currently looking for a place to stay for Fanime.
+ Hotel Information: We are looking for Fairmount/Marriot/Hilton/The Westin San Jose/Hyatt
+ Requirements: We are looking for Friday - Monday. Would like to have a bed.
+ Contact: Mine: Instagram - @waruwaruwaru, my friend: Facebook - Please feel free to contact us via Instagram message or Facebook Messenger. Or my email
+ Miscellaneous: Hi there, my name is Walt (27M) and my friend Gorlan (27M) are looking for a hotel for Fanime. We will both come to Fanime at Friday night after our work. We are both respectful and clean people and are looking for like-wise roommates. We don't smoke or do any drugs.

Hi my name is Travis Loomis I am 21 years old and I am looking for a room!
This will be my third year going to FanimeCon! Looking at Friday - Sunday. I am a very easy going person and love to meet up with new people and get to know them for who they are!
I do not mind if I have even sleep on the floor! that makes it more adventurous!! Overall I am a positive guy who is willing to help anyway I can and hope we can have a fun time together. If you would like any other information I am more than happy to help!!!
If you want to message me via email, my email is
If you want to contact me via messenger here is a link (woooooah!!) ----->
Instagram?? sure I got that too (might as well plug it) ---->

Hello my name is Miranda and I am looking for a room with my friend. We are both college aged students and we are looking for a room for Friday and Saturday night.
We're nice people and respect others space and will be fine with sleeping on the floor.

Please contact me at:


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