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Fanime 2019 Roommate Thread

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I need a room desperately!

+ Introduction:
I’m 23 years old(female), been to fanime for 5 years and want to make it 6 this year. I already bought my flight from Ohio to California and willing to spend $100-200 to room with a nice group of people. I am super chill and would like a bed rotation option due to medical problems. I don’t drink excessively and can pay cash upon arrival or via PayPal because I have a lot riding on arriving from across the country.

+ Hotel Information:
 Being at something close or connected to the convention center is ideal. I am willing to pay $100-200 from Friday-Monday morning. Willing to sleep in the same bed as a male as well if that is alright.

+ Requirements:
Please do not steal my things. That’s all.

+ Contact: text: 707-364-8835 or email

Introduction: My name is Olin Pritchard and I'm a 17 year old boy who desperately needs a place to stay.

Hotel Info: I won't be wearing big bulky armor but the closer the better I'm willing to spend up to 150$ on a place to stay with at least one roommate. I'd also apreciate it if I had a two bedroom hotel room. I'll be there from day 1 to 3 leaving on the evening of day 3.

Requiremets: No smoking, drinking, uninvited guests, or stealing my stuff.

Please contact me through PMs on my facebook page Olin Pritchard. Hope to hear a response soon but the fanime forum DMs would also work.

NEED A ROOM for 2 girls

Hello friends, my name is Lillith (22F) and I’m looking for a room for me and my friend, Ling (24F) from Fri-Sun. We were looking at AirBnbs however it seems like it’d be better for us to make some friends and room closer to the con! Yay friends!2

Hotel Information: STAYING CON DAYS! We’re pretty flexible about where, we’re just sort of looking for a hotel near the convention! We’ll be driving in from Colorado somewhere from Thurs/Friday and we’re looking to get out by Monday! So I guess from Friday - Monday. As always, sort of on a budget since this isn’t our only con (however our first Fanime! Yay!) so preferably under $175(?).

Both of us are cosplayers, however space isn’t a problem we are not bringing anymore than 1 small suitcase or duffle since no big cosplays until AX. (We also have a car to shove everything in.)
Again super flexible so I don’t care if it’s a floor spot or a couch. Bed would be super nice, we’re both pretty small so you can pretty much cram us into anything.
Gender doesn’t matter. (Again super flexible about rooming.)

Requirements: Uhhhhhh somewhere we can crash for the nights? Don’t steal? Unless you want cheap wigs.
We’re very respectful, mostly just need room to sleep in after con day is over.

Lillith’s Contacts:
PM through here
IG: bxngebunny

Ling’s Contacts:
IG: chickenlingy

Sorry for much a long post.

I am looking for a roomate,

Total is 507.66. Friday-Monday.

Please no drugs, no drinking, no smoking, no partying, no stealing.  this is a room to enjoy the con

The price is cash in order to gain entrance. And the price depends on the number of people we get.
:) here to have a good time. I am a female in mid 20’s  and I have been going for over 10 years. HMU!

Is the 507.66 like total for whole room?

What hotel!


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