Fanfiction Workshop 2019- Times/Locations ready to go!

Started by Firefury Amahira, May 16, 2019, 10:37:12 PM

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Firefury Amahira

Another year, another round of One and I tilting at windmills trying to improve the quality of fanfiction on the internet! For those unfamiliar, this will be our... geez, 9th year doing this at Fanime now unless I'm mistaken. Already writing fanfic and just looking for some advice to really polish your skills? Wanting to get your feet wet before diving head-first into the wonderful and crazy world of fanfiction writing? Then perhaps one of these panels is right for you!

Fanfiction 101: Friday- 3pm -- Panels 3
As expected of a "101" panel, this is your crash course into fanfiction basics. From coming up with your story idea through posting it online, the material in this panel is a broad overview on the subject. Particular areas of focus include narrative structuring and perspectives, advice for editing and publishing, tackling various challenging types of scenes such as action or romance, preventing or breaking through the dreaded "writer's block", and a crash-course in some of the genres and jargon unique to fanfiction. Questions and audience interaction welcome!

Fanfiction 201: Saturday- 2pm -- Panels 3
Whereas 101 gives a broad overview of fanfiction writing, 201 delves into a more challenging and specific subset of the writing process: characters and how to handle them. Whether you're simply looking to develop the existing characters from your favorite media further, coming up with brand new original characters to throw into the mix, or the ever-challenging task of making up new villains, it all falls under the characters umbrella. Don't know what a "Mary Sue" is or why people hate her? Having trouble coming up with a compelling Bad Guy for your epic saga? Questions and audience interaction welcome!

Fanfiction 369: Sunday- 9pm -- Panels 3 -- (18+ ONLY)
Fanfiction for mature grownups... or people over the age of 18, at least. This advanced panel discusses how to write erotica in fanfiction. This includes a brief lecture and powerpoint presentation with anatomical drawings detailing sexual anatomy and response, how to apply it to realistic erotica, suggestions on how to apply it to unrealistic erotica (tentacles!), and common sexual myths. Also covered are some narrative techniques for writing erotic scenes, such as the impact of language choice, in addition to some basics about incorporating fetish material into the story. Obviously, this is not a panel for children or the easily offended, given it involves some extremely frank discussion of anatomy, sex, kinks, and the occasionally extremely immature crude joke. Questions/commentary are welcome at the end of the presentation!

Fanfiction 120: Monday- 11am -- Panels 3
Catch-all "Open Lab" discussion for various topics that don't quite fit into the other panels. A very informal chance to go over tidbits such as fanfic titles and summaries, linguistic oddities, why cliches are okay, how best to deal with reader feedback, and other writing-related miscellany. This panel is also a chance to go over and go more in-depth on topics from the 101 and 201 panels if there's an interest. Questions and commentary are especially welcome at this one!

As always, we will have our Fanfic Writing Guide (v3.1) available for folks to take with them, and the Adult Fanfic Guide (v2.0) at the 18+ panel. Thinking the writing guide might be due for another update for next year, but that's a project for, well, next year!
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